Make College Education a Reality

Kate Marshall, NV State Treasurer (Candidate for NV Secretary of State)

I wanted to share my recent op-ed in the Reno Gazette Journal on my College Kickstart program–a non taxpayer funded college savings account for our school age children here in Nevada.    Ensuring that everyone has access to higher education, is a personal mission of mine, and I am proud that soon we will expanding this program statewide.

Nearly 81% of the jobs of the future will require some sort of post secondary education.  Yet only 30% of Nevadans have some sort of post secondary Education.  This needs to change  and I am committed to ensuring our kids not only know that they can achieve a college degree but are given tools to achieve that dream.

Take a moment to read my personal story in the op-ed below and join my campaign team so we can continue to create opportunities for our kids to succeed.

From Reno Gazette Journal on February, 12th 2014

Kate Marshall: Make college education a reality

As a young child, I thought the most I could strive for in life was to get a job with benefits. College just wasn’t part of my picture. It wasn’t until a nun from my school showed up at my house to talk to my mother about me, and my future, that my outlook changed.

When you grow up in a family, or in a place, where college isn’t openly discussed, a child needs to be told what possibilities there are for his or her life. Children need to be told that they can reach further than just a job, or just a job with benefits.

With that in mind, my office has launched an exciting new initiative aimed at instilling the dream of a college education in the minds of Nevada schoolchildren. The Nevada College Kick Start Program ( has established 529 college savings accounts for all 2013-14 public school kindergarten students attending school in Nevada with an initial deposit of $50.

Studies have shown when a child has a savings account with his or her name on it — no matter how much is in the fund — that child is seven times more likely to go to college. College savings send a strong message to children: “You are a college saver. You are college-bound.” That is true, regardless of your family income, where you grew up, your ethnicity or whether your parents went to college.

The accounts were established with fees paid to the state by private investment firms, not taxpayer dollars.

The funds can be used for any institute of higher education, whether it’s culinary, technical; Truckee Meadows Community College; University of Nevada, Reno; University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Harvard or any accredited institution of higher learning. It cannot be used for any other purpose than to pay higher education expenses.

We have also partnered with our Nevada College Savings Plans program manager, Upromise, to drastically reduce the minimum amount needed to open a SSgA Upromise college savings account. Parents can set up a 529 college savings account with as little as $15 — reduced from $250. And for those families making less than $75,000, the state will match up to $300 a year for five years, within the availability of funding.

Parents or other caregivers can open this parallel account and deposit whatever they can afford into that account so they’ll be better prepared when the time comes for their child to attend an institution of higher learning.

An educated workforce is critical as we work to diversify our economy and create jobs with better pay and benefits. It is essential that more Nevada families begin discussing and planning for college now so that more of our youths will attend and graduate from an institution of higher learning.

We need to let all children know that they can go to college. Let’s put everyone on the same starting line and make a college education a reality for thousands of Nevada’s children.

Kate Marshall is Nevada state treasurer.

Kate Marshall’s New Years Resolutions

imageWhile you’re contemplating your relative opportunity for success in achieving your New Year’s resolutions, Kate Marshall’s campaign team  thought you might like to see the resolutions she committed herself to achieving:

  1. Greater voter access for all Nevadans including those with disabilities, serving in the military, or overseas;
  2. Increase transparency in campaign finance so that voters can “follow the money;” and
  3. Work with city, county, state agencies to facilitate ease of registration and licensing for businesses.

Kate will be on the ballot as a democratic candidate for Secretary of State for the State of Nevada.  To learn more about her campaign and what she intends to bring to the office of Secretary of state, take some time to peruse Kate’s campaign website.  And, if you’re so inclined, she has an ActBlue account through which you can donate to Kate’s campaign.

Of all of our state offices, the Secretary of State campaign is most likely the critical campaign of 2014 and folks on the right know that.  The Secretary of State position is the gateway extremists on the right are using to suppress our right to vote through reductions in early voting opportunities and stricter voter registration restrictions that prevent people who are legally eligible to vote from being able to exercise that right to cast a ballot in any given race.

Ensure your registration is up-to-date and take the time to learn more about each candidate who will be on the ballot for election.

NSDP Chair Roberta Lange Statement on Special Election

Las Vegas, NV – Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange issued the following statement on tonight’s special election results:

“Kate Marshall fought tirelessly to win a special election in a heavily Republican district that no Democrat has ever won. While we are obviously disappointed in tonight’s results, Kate Marshall will continue to serve Nevada well as State Treasurer. We look forward to electing Democrats in the upcoming general election across the state to fight to get Nevadans back to work and protect Nevada seniors from Washington Republicans who are trying to kill Medicare by turning it over to private insurance companies.”

Get Out and Vote for Kate

We need to do everything we can to help Kate Marshall win her special Congressional election for NV-CD2 on Tuesday, September 13th.

Kate is someone we can count on to stand up for middle-class families in Congress — and fight against the reckless, hard-right Republican policies that seek to reduce the deficit on the backs of working families and seniors, while protecting tax subsidies for Big Oil companies.

But she’s locked in a tough special election battle right now, and her opponent is lining up lots of big-time Republican support.

A victory here, in NV-CD2, a seat which has never yet been held by a Democrat, will also be vital to preserving Medicare and Social Security from hard-right House Republican attempts to destroy those programs as we know them.  Winning this special election for Democrats will send a powerful message to pundits and political insiders in Washington — not to mention Republicans across the country.

As Democrats in Congress work to close tax loopholes for companies that ship jobs overseas, preserve and protect Medicare, and reform our government so it works more efficiently and effectively for everyone, we need a leader like Kate fighting for us.

You still have time to ‘early vote’ today or tomorrow.  After early voting ends, you last chance to help us elect Kate will be on Tuesday, September 13th.  That means we only have a small window to make a difference for Kate Marshall — and it’s getting smaller every minute.  If you haven’t voted already … make every possible effort to get out there and VOTE!

Oh … and one last request from the campaign … “Can you help Kate by making a contribution of $10, $25 or more to help kickoff Get Out the Vote (GOTV) weekend?”

Early Voting Starts Tomorrow … GOTV for Kate

As you’re attempting to get out the vote for Kate, here’s a bit of information to help you prepare for engaging with other members of your community:


Kate Marshall was born on July 22, 1959 in San Francisco. At a very young age, Kate understood the importance of education. Her family could not afford to send her to quality primary and secondary schools, much less pay for college, so she worked in her high school bookstore before and after school to pay for her own education.

Kate attended California State University San Francisco for three semesters before being accepted to UC Berkeley. She supported herself through college by working in the school library and earning academic scholarships.

Shortly after graduation, Kate joined the Peace Corps, teaching English and Commerce in Kenya – an experience that changed her life. Even though she had grown up with little, she worked with people in East Africa who had far less. Kate was more determined than ever to succeed on her own after her experiences in Africa.

Upon returning home from Kenya, Kate attended UC Berkeley, Boalt Hall School of Law. After receiving her law degree Kate was accepted to the United States Department of Justice’s Honors program, where she began her career as a prosecutor of white collar crime, protector of the people, financial watchdog and public servant.


In 1997 Nevada Attorney General Frankie Sue Del Papa asked Kate to move to Nevada to create a new branch of the Attorney General’s Office focusing on Antitrust.  As Senior Deputy Attorney General Kate worked tirelessly to build a new and innovative division– Nevada’s Antitrust Unit. Kate led a team of attorneys, financial experts and investigators to successfully streamline and modernize Nevada’s antitrust laws, greatly improving consumer protection for all Nevadans. Kate fought hard to stop price gouging at the gas pump and worked with community members and financial institutions to keep small town family businesses thriving.

Kate’s leadership and involvement in her community grew as she helped expand Nevada’s “Toys for Tots” program into rural Nevada, an area often overlooked by government, but not by Kate.

In 2001, she was chosen as an honoree in the Nevada Women’s Fund, Women of Achievement. In 2002, Kate became in-house counsel for ATG, Inc., a private telecommunications firm, which served small and medium size businesses in Northern Nevada. Kate also ran her own successful law practice specializing in consumer protection, telecommunications law, and competitive market analysis.


Kate was first elected Nevada State Treasurer in 2006 and was reelected in 2010 during one of the toughest political climates. As Treasurer, she implemented many new programs that save taxpayer dollars, reduced spending through government efficiency, and implemented innovative methods for fostering economic growth in Nevada.

During Kate’s first year in office, investment earnings for the state’s general portfolio grew by more than $119 million, an increase of almost 50 percent over the previous fiscal year.

Even during the debilitating economic crises of 2009, when numerous companies went bankrupt and many state portfolios and retirement funds took huge losses, the Treasurer’s Office made a net investment profit of $46 million on the General Portfolio for Fiscal Year 2009.

One of Kate’s first objectives as Treasurer was to improve and streamline the Unclaimed Property Division. As a result of her work the amount of unclaimed property returned to rightful owners tripled from $7.2 million in 2006 to nearly $21 million in 2010.

As administrator of the College Savings Plan and the Millenium Scholarship, Kate has been an ardent supporter of college affordability.  She was able to lower the fees for the college savings program, implement a grant matching program using private donations and increase the number of Nevadans saving for college.

As a member of the Nevada State Board of Finance, Kate proposed and the board adopted a new policy that assists the Treasurer’s Office in preventing investments in companies and organizations linked to terrorist groups and nations who support them.

As Treasurer, Kate requested an independent audit and review of office contracts, including those entered into by the previous administration, to eliminate waste and improve government efficiency.  Through renegotiated contracts and other cost cutting measures, taxpayers and account holders have saved millions.

Kate and her family live in Reno. She has two wonderful daughters, Anna and Molly and as a devoted mother spends most for her free time with her girls.


Social Security/Medicare/The Ryan Plan: Kate believes we have to reduce the national debt, but we can’t balance the budget on the backs of senior citizens and working families. Kate has pledged to protect Nevadans Medicare and Social Security because Nevadans have earned it.

Taxes for millionaires/Oil tax: Big Oil and Wall Street are making record profits while the middle class is struggling to pay its bills. It’s wrong to cut Medicare and Social Security just to give more tax breaks to the rich.

Health care reform: Kate is determined to make health care more affordable and accessible to all Nevadans. It’s not fair to deny someone health insurance coverage because they have a pre-existing condition.

Economy: Nevadans need jobs and Kate Marshall is a proven job creator.  As State Treasurer, Kate found an innovative and successful ways to attract new companies to our state and help existing Nevada businesses create even more jobs. She pushed legislation that allows the State Treasurer to invest up to $50 million in companies that grow jobs or relocate jobs to right here in Nevada.

Education: Kate has spent her entire career making higher education more affordable and accessible to all Nevadans. As Treasurer, she has guaranteed the funding of college scholarships, created pre-paid tuition programs to save families thousands, and even set up a way for friends and family members to easily contribute to a child’s future education through the U Gift program.

Immigration: Kate believes in comprehensive immigration reform that brings all stakeholders to the table. Increased border security and better communication between law enforcement agencies is key.

Debt ceiling, Debt and Deficits: Kate has a strong record of even-handed financial management and she will take that experience to Washington. She supports reducing the national debt, but she will not do it by taking away our senior citizens’ Medicare and Social Security.