A Genuine JackA*s Is Now The White House “Women’s Issues” Lead. Women Should Vote Their Identity.

Why do women need to stand up for themselves at the ballot box? Here is a quick, partial list:

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Prosperity—Not Poverty

Post by @ForAJustSociety  [https://thejobgap.org/]

Nationally, this report finds that there are seven job seekers for every job opening that pays the national single adult living wage of $17.28 per hour. This leaves six out of seven job seekers unable to secure employment that allows a single adult to make ends meet, much less support a family.

This lack of good paying jobs reinforces income inequality that continues to play a major role in perpetuating existing wealth gaps for women, people of color, and the LGBTQI community. While occupations that traditionally employ high rates of women and people of color include occupations with the most openings, those jobs are more likely to be low-wage. This contributes to existing wealth gaps by diminishing the ability of women and people of color to save and build up wealth.

A strong public infrastructure plan can address racial, gender, and LGBTQI wealth gaps while providing a large number of good paying jobs through a number of mechanisms, such as targeted hiring from struggling communities – including women, people of color, and the LGBTQI community – and strong wage floor requirements. Equally as important are the types of infrastructure projects that are prioritized. Ensuring access to clean water for marginalized communities, for example, must come first while any plan that would privatize public assets must be rejected.

HR7 now heading to the Senate


This week House passed HR7 to permanently authorize the Hyde Amendment. The final vote was 238-183, largely along party lines. See how your representative voted:

  • NV-CD1, Dina Titus ………………………………. NAY
  • NV-CD2, Mark Amodei …………………………… AYE
  • NV-CD3, Jacky Rosen ……………………………. NAY
  • NV-CD4, Ruben Kihuen ………………………….. NAY

Heard of the Hyde Amendment? It prohibits the use of federal funds for abortion or health plans that cover abortion, except in the cases of rape, incest, or when the life of the mother is in danger. Currently, it’s not a permanent law but rather a “rider” that’s been included in annual appropriations bills since 1976. This version, however, takes Hyde one step further by prohibiting “employer plans” from being able to carry coverage for abortions, because employers receive a tax break for the healthcare plans they offer to their employees.

What happens now?  HR7 heads to the Senate. Let Senator Heller and Senator Cortez Masto know what you think!

Invite and Request for Feedback from NV Commission for Women

wall10The Nevada Commission For Women is a Governor-appointed board with the express duty to study the changing and developing roles of women in society, including recognition of socioeconomic factors that influence the status of women, and recommend proposed legislation.

To that end, the commission is gathering information for a report on what women need to successfully join the workforce and take care of their families. The Commission is seeking input from people like you who have an interest and ideas about addressing this issue.

The Commission is holding public forums for people to present their ideas and you are invited to attend!

What: Public Meetings to get responses to the question: “What do women need to successfully join the workforce and take care of their families?”

Why: Responses will be used to prepare a report to help Legislators know what they can do to best help Nevada women succeed.

When: Tuesday, October 11, 2016, 9:30 a.m.

Where: Public Works Conference Room in Carson City (Video-conferenced)
515 E. Musser St. First Floor
Carson City, NV 89701

Public Works Conference Room in Las Vegas (Video-conferenced)
1830 E. Sahara Ave. Second Floor, Room 204
Las Vegas, NV 89104

Who: People from business, social services, education, or personal experience who have information and ideas about how to help women successfully join the workforce and take care of their families.

How: Bring your ideas in writing as testimony to submit to the Commission for Women the day of the public meeting. If you are not able to attend in person or if you wish to submit your responses electronically, please take a few minutes to complete the questionnaire at this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/SuccessfulWomen

Your feedback and that of other concerned Nevadans is very important to the Commission. Please forward this email to others, or post the survey link (above) to your social media accounts, to help the Commission get feedback from as many people as possible. Questionnaire responses will be accepted September 28, through October 24, 2016.

To learn more about the Commission For Women, visit its website at: http://admin.nv.gov/CommissionForWomen/

CEOs Make 276 Times More Than Typical Workers


A new Economic Snapshot shows that the pay gap between CEOs and employees has widened considerably over the last several decades. Today CEOs make 276 times more than typical workers—compared with 20 times more in 1965 and 30 times more in the late 1970s. From 1978 to 2015, CEO compensation grew 941 percent—while the compensation of a typical worker grew just 10 percent.

Source: CEOs make 276 times more than typical workers