NSDP Central Cmtee Mtg Notice

Nevada State Democratic Party
State Central Committee Meeting
Saturday, September 26
Western Nevada College
2201 W. College Parkway
Carson City, NV 89703
Cedar Building | Marlette Hall

Nevada State Democratic Party Office
6233 S. Dean Martin Drive | Las Vegas, NV 89118

Rural NV Democratic Caucus: 10:00 a.m.
NSDP Committee Meetings: 10:30 a.m.
NSDP Executive Board Mtg: 11:30 a.m.
NSDP Central Committee: 1:00 p.m.

NSDP Chair’s Newsletter

JUNE 20-21, 2014

Dates3RememberThe NSDP Convention will be held at the Circus Circus in downtown Reno, Nevada.  The Awards Cocktail Reception at 7pm Friday night and the Convention will be all day Saturday followed by our first SCC meeting.  Attendees can register through EventBrite online or via mail after the County Conventions to avoid confusion.

The room block is now open to reserve rooms at $89/night.

Link to Circus Circus Room Block  http:// https://resweb.passkey.com/go/PNVDEMS

Marla Turner is Chair of the Convention Committee.  Her committee will be working on the Reception and various details of convention day.

Luke McCarthy is Chair of the Platform Committee.  Shortly you will receive information on Platform Hearings.

Chris Wicker is Chair of the Credentials Committee.


 Friday, April 25, 5:30 – 7:30p

for more details click here https://www.facebook.com/events/1481668505385483/


The Democratic Women’s Alliance’s (DWA) primary focus is to grow and engage the number of women involved in the party at all levels from those who want to make educated decisions at the ballot box to women who decide to run for office.

For more information please visit:  http://www.democrats.org/people/democratic_womens_alliance.  Make sure you click on the “Get Updates” tab to register and get updates.

DWA also hosts webinars.  Following is an example:  http://bit.ly/womensoutreach

To sign up for the DWA list serve click here http://bit.ly/dwaoptin



Voting is one of the most fundamental rights in our democracy. That’s why we’re launching the Voter Expansion Project. We’re leading the charge to expand the vote, because it’s not enough anymore for us to simply protect against voting restrictions.

Join President Bill Clinton and the Democratic Party in our fight to protect and expand the right to vote.   


The Voting Rights Institute of the Democratic National Committee is a permanent organization created to monitor developments in election law, advocate to make voting more accessible, and provide guidance on voting rights and election administration issues. This work is integrally tied to our Party’s platform, which commits to fully protecting and enforcing the fundamental right to vote.

The Democratic National Committee is dedicated to ensuring that the process of voting remains open and fair for all eligible Americans. We continue to work to defeat any legislative or political effort that erodes the most fundamental of American rights—the right to vote.

Under the leadership of its chair Donna Brazile, the Voting Rights Institute focuses on the protection and expansion of voting rights in a variety of ways, including:

  • Voting Rights Policy Development
  • Research and Publication
  • Voter Protection Organizing
  • Redistricting Support
  • Voting Rights Litigation Support

If you want to join the fight to beat back Republican attempts to limit the right to vote, and support leaders across the country who are working to expand and modernize access to the ballot, sign up here: www.votingrightsmatter.com


This week, as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker kicked off his reelection campaign and Texas Governor Rick Perry underwent a renewed ethics investigation, we examined the corruption and illegal behavior of Republican governors across the country. The DNC has released a new video, “Law and Disorder: Republican Governors Unit,” which emphasizes that the scandals in these administrations rival any reality TV drama. For more information about the many investigations into corruption, unethical behavior and other illegal activity engulfing GOP governors across the country, please see the Weekly Communications Update, which is attached.

Also included in the Update is this week’s news from the Congressional Budget Office, which released new estimates that show premiums for health care plans purchased through Affordable Care Act (ACA) Exchanges will be lower than previously anticipated. The revised estimates come as recent poll numbers indicate that more Americans are supportive of the ACA. You can watch the President announcing that 8 million Americans have signed up for private health coverage thanks to the ACA by clicking here. For recent headlines about the ACA collected by our factivists, please click here. Also on social media this week, Vice President Joe Biden returned to Twitter in advance of the 2014 election. You can get his tweets by following @JoeBiden on Twitter, or take a look at the pictures (including a selfie with the President!) on his brand new Instagram.
To read about President Obama and Vice President Biden’s joint speech on skills based job training, updates on the Ryan Budget, and news from the states, please review the Weekly Communications Update, and share with your networks.



Clark County JJ Dinner
Special Guest Speaker Governor Martin O’Malley
Friday, May 2
Tropicana Hotel

Lyon County JJ Dinner
Sunday, June 22


Thursday, April 24
Douglas County Central Committee Meeting

Saturday, May 3
Clark County Central Committee Meeting
(following the County Convention)

Tuesday, May 6
White Pine County Central Committee Meeting
Elko Central Committee Meeting

Tuesday, May 13
Humboldt County Central Committee Meeting

Thursday, May 15
Nye County Central Committee Meeting

Saturday, May 17
Lyon County Central Committee Meeting

Monday, May 19
Douglas County Central Committee Meeting

Wednesday, May 21
Churchill County Central Committee Meeting

Thursday, May 22
Douglas County Central Committee Meeting

Don’t You Wish You Had Similar Tax Loopholes

— by Roberta Lange, Chair, Nevada Democratic Party

12.6% — that’s the effective federal tax rate the average corporation paid in America. I don’t know about you, but that’s a heck of a lot less than the rate I paid when I filed my taxes this week. I’m more than happy to pay my fair share — I appreciate having a military to keep us safe, roads to move commerce and Social Security to help protect our seniors. All I’m asking is that the wealthiest pay their fair share.

The top 1% of this country get tax breaks we could only dream of. Corporations can deduct private jet depreciation and oil companies get special subsidies. Flash traders on Wall Street line their own pockets by gaming the system and passing the cost along to retirement and pension funds that hard-working Americans depend on. Outrageously, corporations can deduct lawsuit settlements from their taxes, rewarding their bad behavior. Can you imagine if we were allowed to deduct speeding tickets from our taxes?

With loopholes like this, it’s no wonder billionaires like the Koch Brothers are spending hundreds of millions to support Republicans. The GOP is a do-nothing party — and that’s exactly what the Koch Brothers want. They want to keep oil subsidies going while the tax burden on the average American family increases.

Democrats are fighting to bring fairness to our nation’s tax system. But we’re up against the very deep pockets of the Koch Brothers and other dark money Super PACs. We’re in deep trouble without your financial support.  Your money gets used efficiently to go after Republicans. We maintain one of the best voter files in the country and hire organizers to target voters based on sophisticated models. Our research, communications and new media team is constantly churning out new attacks on Republicans — but they can’t do it with the support of dedicated Democrats like you.


Democratic Community Calendar for Week of March 11, 2013

— by Marla Turner, NSDP Secretary

This week, Organizing for Action (OFA 4.0)  will begin holding planning sessions to discuss steps we can take to help President Obama pass the agenda we all fought so hard for. OFA will advocate for those policies and mobilize citizens to speak out for speedy passage and effective implementation of programs like gun violence prevention, sensible climate change environmental policies, and immigration reform.

OFA will encourage the formation of grassroots chapters that are dedicated to this effort and committed to identifying and working for progressive change on a range of issues at the state and local levels.

So, check out the calendar and find an event near you. Don’t see an event taking place in your area? Email organizingforactionnevada@gmail.com or call Nevada State lead organizers Tyson at (702) 306-6461 or Bridget at (702) 378-2242 to talk about hosting your own event.

In other news…..

Legislative Hearings
So many important hearings take place every week. You do not have to be in Carson City to attend. You can attend at a satellite location or watch hearings stream live over the internet. Here are the committee meetings taking place tomorrow and Tuesday. Check back on our website under the “blog” tab for summaries of the rest of the week.

Early Voting Starts This Week!

Check out these cities and find a location near you.
·         Henderson: March 16-29
·         Las Vegas: March 16-29
·         Mesquite: March 18 – 20 and March 25 – 27
·         North Las Vegas: March 13 – 29, In-Office and Early Voting Schedule

Solo Democrats in Municipal Races 
Several municipal races have only one Democrat running against their opponent. City statute stipulates that any candidate who wins more than the majority vote in the primary is considered to have won the election and no general election need be held. With early voting rapidly approaching, all Democratic candidates can use our help. How great would it be to get these Southern Nevada solo Democrats elected at the primary level?

  • Isaac Barron: candidate for North Las Vegas City Council, Ward 1 against incumbent Robert Eliason. Mr. Barron is a teacher in North Las Vegas and would be the first Latino to serve on the council if elected. Find out how you can help by contacting Esmeralda Villeda at (702) 716-9596.
  • Fayyaz Raja: candidate for Las Vegas City Council Ward 2 against incumbent Bob Beers. Mr. Raja is a successful businessman and 30+ year resident of Ward 2. Canvasses are taking place daily with multiple shifts to choose from.  Contact Raja at (702) 321-4512 or his wife at (702) 321-4513 for more information.
  • Frank Geary: candidate for Las Vegas City Council, Ward 4 against incumbent Stavros Anthony. Mr. Geary is an investigative reporter who is not afraid to dig under the rocks to get at what’s buried underneath. Email info@frankgeary.com or call (702) 439-4850 to help out.

New Democratic Party Leadership
The following individuals were recently elected to serve their respective Democratic party or organization. Please help congratulate them and thank them for stepping up to serve:

  • Churchill County Democratic Party: Chair: Nyla Howell, Vice-Chair: Larry Jackson, Secretary: Jeanette Strong, and Treasurer: Carol Roeder
  • Douglas County Democratic PartyChair: Kim Cole, Vice Chair: Bo Statham, Secretary: Kathleen Winans, Treasurer: Eric Griffin, Member at-Large: Melanie Meehan-Crossley, Member at-Large: Gim Hollister, and Campaign Liaison: Cindy Trigg
  • Stonewall Democrats of Southern NevadaChair: Christopher Preciado, Vice-Chair: Helen Caddes, Secretary: Laura Martin and Treasurer: Chris Miller
  • UNR Young DemocratsPresident: Maddie Poore, Vice-President: Hawah Ahmad, Secretary: Lisa Wayne, Public Relations Chair: Shelby Wilburn, Treasurer: Terika Lambert. Advising board: Ian Fluellen, Danika Peterson, Ben Clark, and Antonio Gonzalez
  • Clark County Young DemocratsPresident: Justin Howard, Vice-President: Rachel Rekowski, Secretary: Christine Herril, and Treasurer: Sebring Frehner.

Additionally, the Democratic Party of Washoe County will hold officer/Executive Board elections on April 2, 2013 at 6PM. Members of the Washoe County Democratic Central Committee are encouraged to attend and vote for the candidate(s) of their choice. For detailed information, visit the WashoeDEMS website.

Nevada Legislative Reports

  • Legislative Committee on Public Lands has a new report available. View the report titled Bulletin No. 13-12

Speaking of Education…..
On Thursday, the Clark County School District will hold a special meeting at 9:00 a.m. to appoint an interim superintendent and discuss recruiting procedures for Dwight Jones’ permanent replacement.

Have a great week, and as always, be well and do good.

Mon, Mar. 11

Thurs., Mar. 14

Check TBN website for Legislative Hearings

Tues, Mar. 12

In person voter registration or updating of an existing registration at your City Clerk’s office ends today.
Fri, Mar. 15
Check TBN website for Legislative Hearings

Wed, Mar. 12

Check TBN website for Legislative Hearings
In-Office Early Voting for North Las Vegas Voters Today and Tomorrow between 8AM – 5PM
Sat, Mar. 16
First Day of Early Voting in Henderson and Las Vegas

Sun, Mar. 17

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Mon, Mar. 18

First Day of Early Voting in Mesquite
Upcoming Events

Congratulations to our New Officers



Congratulations to the new officers of the NV Rural Democratic Caucus! The following were elected yesterday, March 2, 2013:

Chair: Nyla Howell, Churchill County
First Vice-Chair: Kathleen McKevitt, Nye County
Second Vice-Chair: Richard Dunn, Carson City
Secretary: Laurayne Murray, Nye County
Treasurer: Claud Butler, Lyon County

Congratulations to the newly elected officers of the NV State Democratic Party! They are:

Chair: Roberta Gustave Lange
1st Vice Chair:  James Brown
2nd Vice Chair: Linda Cavazos
Secretary:  Marla Turner
Treasurer: Jan Churchill