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Foreign Corporation (TransCanada) Using Eminent Domain to Steal Private Land

Right now in Texas, a foreign corporation, TransCanada, is using our government’s 5th Amendment right of eminent domain to confiscate private land belonging to Americans, to build a massive oil pipeline so TransCanada can ship oil from the Gulf of

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Under the Reading Lamp — 2/8/2012

The Great Carbon Bubble Bill McKibben, Op-Ed: “It’s no secret where this denialism comes from: the fossil fuel industry pays for it. (Of the 16 authors of the Journal article, for instance, five had had ties to Exxon.) Writers from

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Bill Maher Takes Down the Republicans

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Want to Cut the Federal Budget? Cut DOD!

This week, the National Priorities Project (NPP) released a snapshot of U.S. “defense” spending since September 11, 2001.   I hope you’re sitting down, because we’ve spent $7.6 trillion on the military and homeland security since 9/11.  Plus, the Pentagon’s base budget,

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Lies built upon Mis-Information built upon Lies

The other day I came across an eye opening documentary by German director Marc Eberle, called “The Most Secret Place on Earth.”    The film covers the secret operation waged by the CIA throughout the sixties and early seventies against communist

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