4.683 Million Unanswered Questions in Halbig

Appeals will continue, but let’s take the Halbig decision at face value. How much will this decision cost the working poor? The amount varies with income and other variables, but for a 40 year old individual making $30,000 a year, the tax credit was estimated at $1345 (KFF estimate here). Retroactive tax bills under Halbig will be significant and everyone impacted will have trouble paying for health insurance going forward (about 57% of exchange participants were previously uninsured, according to a KFF survey).

How many people will be hurt?

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State-by-State Reports: The Economic Benefits of Fixing Our Broken Immigration System

— by Megan Slack, August 01, 2013

America has always been a nation of immigrants, and throughout the nation’s history, immigrants from around the globe have kept our workforce vibrant, our businesses on the cutting edge, and helped to build the greatest economic engine in the world. But our nation’s immigration system is broken and has not kept pace with changing times. Today, too many employers game the system by hiring undocumented workers and there are 11 million people living and working in the shadow economy. Neither is good for the U.S. economy or American  families.

Commonsense immigration reform will strengthen the U.S. economy and create jobs. Independent studies affirm that commonsense immigration reform will increase economic growth by adding more high-demand workers to the labor force, increasing capital investment and overall productivity, and leading to greater numbers of entrepreneurs starting companies in the U.S.

Economists, business leaders, and American workers agree –  and it’s why a bipartisan, diverse coalition of stakeholders have come together to urge Congress to act now to fix the broken immigration system in a way that requires responsibility from everyone —both from unauthorized workers and from those who hire them—and guarantees that everyone is playing by the same rules. The Senate recently passed a bipartisan, commonsense immigration reform bill would do just that – and it’s time for the House of Representations to join them in taking action to make sure that commonsense immigration reform becomes a reality as soon as possible.

In addition to giving a significant boost to our national economy, commonsense immigration reform will also generate important economic benefits in each state, from increasing workers’ wages and generating new tax revenue to strengthening the local industries that are the backbone of states’ economies. The new state by state reports below detail how just how immigration reform would strengthen the economy and create jobs all regions of our country.

We must take advantage of this historic opportunity to fix our broken immigration system in a comprehensive way. At stake is a stronger, more dynamic, and faster growing economy that will foster job creation, higher productivity and wages, and entrepreneurship.


Alabama Alaska Arizona Arkansas
California Colorado Connecticut Delaware
Florida Georgia Hawaii  
Idaho Illinois Indiana Iowa
Kansas Kentucky Louisiana Maine
Maryland Massachusetts Michigan Minnesota
Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska
Nevada New Hampshire New Jersey New Mexico
New York North Carolina North Dakota Ohio
Oklahoma Oregon Pennsylvania Rhode Island
South Carolina South Dakota Tennessee Texas
Utah Vermont Virginia Washington
West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming  

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Heller Wants to Kill Jobs Across Nevada, Extend Economic Hardship

January 8, 2012
Contact: Eric Koch, Berkley Campaign
(702) 675-6711

Alabama’s Job Killing Law Could Cost Alabama $11 Billion: Why Would Heller Want To Bring It To Nevada?

LAS VEGAS – A few weeks ago, unelected Senator Dean Heller shocked Nevada’s Latino community when he announced his support for Alabama’s extreme immigration law.  You know…the one so over the top that a German Mercedes-Benz executive was taken into custody.

The draconian law has been widely panned by the business community for chilling investment in the state and contributing to the loss of jobs.

But now there’s a new study by the University of Alabama that has put a number on the impact of the law: $11 billion.

Yes, that’s billion with a “B”.

And Dean Heller says he wants to bring that law here to the state of Nevada – a law so extreme that in November of last year the Tuscaloosa News editorial board said, “… the law is becoming the greatest threat to the state’s economy and job creation…”

Is this Dean Heller’s vision for Nevada?

“At a time when our number one priority must be creating jobs, Heller is pushing an extreme immigration policy that would devastate Nevada’s struggling economy,” said Berkley spokesman Eric Koch.  “We must fix our broken immigration system, but not by throwing Nevada’s middle-class families and small businesses under the bus.  Nevadans have a clear choice in this election between Dean Heller’s job-killing, reactionary anti-immigration agenda and Shelley Berkley’s commitment to job creation and responsible comprehensive immigration reform.”

Heller Espouses Alabama’s Anti-Immigrant Law

January 19, 2012

Contact: Zach Hudson, Comm. Dir., NSDP
(702) 737-8683


Heller Continues To Insult Nevada’s Hispanic Population; Pushes Job-Killing Bill

Development, Relief and Education for Alien Mi...
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Las Vegas– Wow, unelected Sen. Dean Heller just keeps shooting himself in the foot with Nevada’s Hispanic community. But he has no one to blame but himself and his continued support for extreme immigration positions that put him at odds with a critical group of voters in the state.

For the first time, Dean Heller has admitted his support for the highly-controversial, job-killing Alabama immigration law that unfairly targets Hispanics and is running the local economy into the ground. The controversial law has been widely panned by the business community for chilling investment in the state and contributing to the loss of jobs. (It even led to an embarrassing incident where a visiting German auto executive was arrested for not having a proper license.)

Don’t just take our word for it, though. In fact, in November of last year, the Tuscaloosa News editorial board said“the law is becoming the greatest threat to the state’s economy and job creation…”

But more importantly, for Heller, his support for the Alabama law is yet another slight to a Hispanic community in Nevada that overwhelmingly disapproves of draconian immigration legislation like those passed in Arizona, and now Alabama. If he ever actually gets around to it, Dean Heller is going to have some serious explaining to do when (if) he finally schedules his promised meeting with the Latin Chamber of Commerce to discuss comprehensive immigration reform (which he opposes).

“With yet another insult to the Hispanic community, Dean Heller’s message to Nevada’s Hispanic voters is abundantly clear: your issues don’t matter,” said Zach Hudson, spokesman for the Nevada State Democratic Party. “After repeating his opposition to the DREAM Act and comprehensive immigration reform, Heller’s admission that he supports the extreme Alabama law is another sign he’s not on the side of Nevada Hispanics. At a time when Nevada has the highest unemployment rate in the nation, we cannot afford legislation that would kill desperately-needed jobs and curtail investment in Nevada. Dean Heller is willing to let his Sharron Angle-like immigration views interfere with getting Nevada’s economy back on track.”