CA could have been our Saskatchewan — How the Leeches Won

Twice this week a single payer healthcare bill has failed to pass in California.  What’s going on — and who’s really pulling the strings in Sacramento?  You would thing a largely Democratic state government could pass a single payer healthcare bill – right?  Wrong.  What’s really behind California’s inability to act?  Watch and listen as Thom Hartmann explains what happened and how the main stream media has been totally silent throughout this process.

Is Single-Payer Universal Health Care Coming to California?

California came just a few votes shy of establishing a single-payer universal healthcare system in the state. Despite receiving a majority of votes in the state Senate – SB810 – known as the Single Payer Health Care for California act – was two votes shy of the necessary 21 votes needed to pass out of the upper chamber. And it’s not because senators were opposed to the measure – but instead because four moderate Democrats decided not to vote at all. State Senators Alex Padilla, Juan Vargas, Michael Rubio, and Rod Wright all abstained from voting on the critical legislation – but all will have another chance on Tuesday when Democrats in the State Senate plan to bring the legislation up again for a vote. So what are the chances now that California could lead the way – and establish a single-payer health care system – in the nation’s most populated state? Joining Thom now is the sponsor of this legislation — California State Senator Mark Leno — representing California’s District 3.