IRS Scandal Manufactured by Darrell Issa’s Himself

Darrell Issa has been shown to be a liar – and a fraud . Why would Issa suddenly do a 360 – and start up the Benghazi investigation again – when he’s been so adamant about getting to the bottom of the so-called IRS scandal? Issa’s sudden change in witch-hunting direction may have something to do with the not-so-surprising revelation that the entire IRS debacle has been one large manufactured scandal – created by Issa himself. According to the inspector general of the Treasury Department – whose report helped drive the IRS political targeting controversy – the examination into conservative groups was limited because of a request from Republicans in the House.  A spokesperson for the Treasury’s Inspector General for tax administration Russell George – said that the IG’s office was asked specifically by Congressman Darrell Issa himself – “to narrowly focus on Tea Party organizations.”

Benghazi Review Board Chair Says Notion Of Cover Up Is ‘Pulitzer Prize Fiction’

— by Ben Armbruster

Amb Thomas Pickering.fw

The co-chair of the State Department’s Accountability Review Board on the Benghazi terror attacks last year said on Wednesday criticized those claiming the Obama administration’s response to the attacks has the elements of some kind of Watergate-style cover-up.“I think the notion of a quote, cover up, has all the elements of Pulitzer Prize fiction attached to it,” former Ambassador Thomas Pickering said on MSNBC. He also rebutted claims that the review board tried to protect former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton from scrutiny:

PICKERING: I saw no evidence of it. She did publicly take responsibility for what happened below her and indeed one of the things the Congress did in preparing the legislation that established the Accountability Review Board was to say we don’t want a situation where heads of agencies take responsibility and then nobody who made the decision in the chain has to suffer any consequences for failure for performance. I believe in fact the Accountability Review Board did it’s work well. I think the notion of a quote, cover up, has all the elements of Pulitzer Prize fiction attached to it.

Pickering wanted to testify at today’s House Oversight Committee hearings on the Benghazi attacks, which was billed as letting State Department officials expose an Obama administration cover-up of wrong-doing in handing the aftermath of the attacks. “I am willing to testify,” Pickering said. “I made that clear yesterday and the White House I understand made that clear to [Committee chair Rep. Darrell] Issa [R-CA]. He declined. I don’t know the reasons for that.” Pickering also countered claims that the military could have done more to respond to the attacks:

PICKERING: The aircraft at Aviano were 2 to 3 hours away but there were no refueling aircraft available. I think that speaks for itself. It has all along. I don’t see any contradiction. … There should be no controversy over that. Aircraft were there but they were not available in a time span that could have made any serious difference in connection with the issue.

Earlier on Wednesday, Republican Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) shot down his colleagues’ conspiracy theory laden claims about the Obama administration and Benghazi. “We need to know were these people culpable or not. If they were, why are they still on the payroll? Other than that, I’ve been able to read all the cables. I’ve seen the films,” Corker said. “I feel like I know what happened in Benghazi. I’m fairly satisfied.”

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What Goes Around Eventually Comes Back Around

Have you noticed that Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has gotten a bit quieter about the events in Libya of late?  Wonder why?  Could it be the hypocrisy of the various positions his has taken over the last year that have finally come back around to not just slap him in the face but bite him in his hide quarters?

McCain-LibyaTo see where I’m going with this, let’s go back a bit, to April 22 of last year.  On that date, Sen. McCain, while at a Libyan Rebel stronghold in Benghazi, of all places, held a press conference.  During that conference he railed about how the Libyan rebel progress could stall unless the U.S. supplied the Libyan rebels with weapons and air support. He also urged that the U.S. should “recognize” the TNC, Libya’s “Transitional National Council.

As far as the U.S. public knew at the time, the U.S. did supply air support to prevent Muammar Gaddafi from committing genocide across Libya.  What we didn’t know at the time is that the U.S. CIA secretly supplied weapons to those rebels via Qatar.  Now, we, as citizens, not only know that they did that, but Salon and the NY Times are reporting that “those” weapons while going to the rebels, were being turned over to Libya’s Islamist militant fighters … you know, those same Islamist militant fighters who took out the Benghazi outpost along with our U.S. Diplomats.  That link hasn’t yet been confirmed, but no doubt, it’s most likely coming.

The situation in Libya is one Sen. McCain’s actively sought to help create.  Once it backfired, he apparently felt the need to deflect any blame that might befall him.  So — what better way to do that than to claim that the Administration was engaged in a cover-up and shift the blame elsewhere.  He even enlisted the support of other Senate GOP stooges to provide the appearance of credibility and help him further ‘his’ cover-up. There is no evidence to support that the Administration engaged in a cover-up, yet these three Senators diligently worked the media so as to convince the American public that one had in deed occurred.image

His choice of scapegoat, Ambassador to the United Nations Susan Rice, just doesn’t pan out in the wash.  The CIA provided the arms, the CIA was protecting its assets and its backside in Libya when the attack occurred, the CIA once again provided faulty intelligence as well as the ‘talking points’ for that round of Sunday morning talk show talking heads, but Sen. McCain decided that he should “shoot” the messenger instead of seek out the root causes of the problem.

Where exactly were these three Senators when Condoleezza Rice failed to take appropriate action regarding the seriousness of an impending terrorist threat she chose to ignore leading up to 9/11/2001, or when she promoted the myth of weapons of mass destruction being in Iraq to justify the need to start a war there, kill thousands of Iraqi citizens in the process, as well as get a large number of our U.S. Soldiers killed or maimed for life?  There was absolutely no outrage, plus, there was no mention or outrage pilloried about an extended 23-day vacation taken by then-President Bush despite the warning of a Bin Laden threat.

Further, where are these Senators when it comes to funding the necessary medical support and/or jobs support when they return to the US after fighting for whatever ideal they folks espouse?  Nowhere! Where were 38 GOP Senators when it comes to assuring that our disabled soldiers are treated fairly and appropriately anywhere in the world?  Again, nowhere!

I’m so thrilled that voters succeeded in keeping this man from becoming President of our nation.  Clearly, Sen. McCain doesn’t learn. Even given the outcome of the Benghazi situation, it has not dissuaded him from advocating “arming” rebels in yet another Islamist nation—Syria.

I’m sorry —but arming rebels is not the best approach to resolving challenges elsewhere across the globe.  It clearly didn’t work in Afghanistan, when we armed the rebels in their fight against the Russians—ultimately spawning Al Qaeda.  It didn’t work when we armed the rebels against Muammar Gaddafi—resulting in the loss of a US Ambassador and other staff.  The time has come for serious contemplation and diplomacy—not misguided tirades that cause other world leaders to doubt our nation’s ability to lead on any issue—and definitely not more armed conflicts that do little or nothing to solve our nation’s fiscal issues..

How will the GOP Sabotage Obama’s 2nd term?

— by TheBigPictureRT

If Barack Obama wins a second term in November – then he should expect the same thing he received from Republicans in his first-term: a barrage of attempts to de-legitimize his presidency. Already, Fox so-called News personality and prominent Republican voice Mike Huckabee has laid out the strategy — suggesting on GOP TV that Republicans should try to impeach President Obama over the attacks on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya. I guarantee you, Republicans in Congress are already planning this. So, be ready – because another four years of President Obama will mean another four years of obstruction, sabotage, and slander. Unless We The People out this Republican strategy to harm our nation, and stand up and say, “Enough!”