Ruben J. Kihuen: I’m Running for Congress in CD4

— by Ruben J. Kihuen

Ruben J. KihuenAfter careful consideration and consultation with my family, my friends, and the constituents I so proudly represent, I have decided to announce my candidacy for Nevada’s Fourth Congressional District. This is a district that is diverse and vibrant, and I am entering this race because I believe I am uniquely qualified to represent it. As the son of a housekeeper and a former farm worker, I understand the needs of the residents in the Fourth Congressional District, and I will fight every day so they, too, can have a fair shot at the American Dream. I’m running for Congress to keep the American Dream alive and to protect and expand our middle class.

I have had many mentors along the way who have taught me never to shy away from a fight, including our great Nevada U.S. Senator Harry Reid. I’m proud to have worked for him in Las Vegas, and his legacy of service inspires my decision today. I also want to thank Congressman Steven Horsford for his service to our state and setting a good example for the type of leadership that our state needs.

Our state and our nation are facing critical issues that will determine what kindof future we want to build for the next generations. In Carson City and in Washington DC, elected officials are discussing how to: 1) fund public education; 2) ensure that our seniors retire with dignity; 3) pay workers a living wage; 4) provide quality access to health care; 5) protect worker’s rights, women’s rights, voter’s rights, immigrants’ rights; and 6) how to protect our environment, including continuing the fight to keep dangerous nuclear waste from entering our state. I’m deeply engaged in these discussions in Carson City and I remain committed to continue advocating on behalf of the constituents of District 10.

I want to reassure the constituents of District 10 who elected me to represent them that my utmost priority will be to serve and protect their interests during the remainder of this legislative session. There will be plenty of time for campaigning after the session, and right now my focus is on legislating. I’m also pledging not to solicit any campaign funds during the session from lobbyists who are conducting business in Carson City. There is no official rule that compels me to take these steps, but there should be no confusion as to what my priorities are for the next few months. I was elected to represent the residents of Senate District 10 and I plan to fulfill my duties.

After the legislative session, I will embark on an aggressive campaign to win this congressional race. I am completely committed to seeing this race until the end. The only people who can deter me from this quest are the voters and I will campaign every day to earn their support. The voters will have a chance to hear my story, know my record, learn my vision, and make a choice on who is best to lead our state forward.

I sincerely want to thank all of the people who have believed in me and have trusted me over the years and who have motivated me and inspired me to pursue this next endeavor. I will not let you down.

Ted Nugent Falls off His Rocker

The Republican nominee in the Texas gubernatorial race should know better than to embrace someone spouting racist and sexist views.

— by 

Jim Hightower

Ted Nugent, the old rocker from the Seventies, is now just plain old. And off his rocker.

A political novelty act for the far right and a front man for the National Rifle Association, Nugent regularly spews venomous, vulgar, race-laced, abusive hate speech about liberals, Democrats, gun laws, and creeping communism.

In January, for example, he tongue-lashed President Barack Obama. Nugent called our commander in chief a “communist-raised, communist-educated, communist-nurtured subhuman mongrel.”

ted nugent backs governor candidate abbott

Naturally, Greg Abbott — the Republican candidate for governor of Texas — promptly invited this scurrilous lout to come for a visit.

Abbott is currently the state attorney general. As a dyed-in-the-wool tea party extremist, he apparently thought it would juice up his far-out GOP flock to have the rabidly nutty Nugent come campaign with him.

Ted came. He embraced the gubernatorial wannabe as his “blood brother.” But the brotherhood gambit backfired.

Even Republican leaders wondered aloud why Abbott would, as one put it, “keep company with a noted misogynist and bigot.” In addition to Nugent’s disgusting “subhuman mongrel” slur, the old rocker has also admitted to being “addicted” to underage girls. But if that’s not out there enough, it’s well known to Vietnam Veterans across this country that Mr. Nugent managed to dodge the draft by physically and publicly crapping in his pants.

The issue, however, isn’t Nugent’s sordid character, but Abbott’s.

Hugging an infamous predator and hate-monger for political gain is both morally repugnant and politically stupid. Yet, Abbott continues to cling to Nugent’s embrace, tersely (and cluelessly) saying: “It’s time to move beyond this.”

A campaign aide even tried to paint Nugent’s endorsement as a positive: “We appreciate the support of everyone who supports protecting our constitution.”

Everyone, including sexual predators and overt racists? How about mass murderers?

Shouldn’t a candidate for governor — even in Texas — draw a sharper moral line?

OtherWords columnist Jim Hightower is a radio commentator, writer, and public speaker. He’s also editor of the populist newsletter, The Hightower Lowdown.  Photo Credit (Ted Nugent):  chascar/Flickr