Growing Chorus Mock Dean Heller for (not) Approving Heller’s Own Campaign’s Message

Released: July 18, 2012 ……………………….. CONTACT: Matt Canter, (202) 485-3129

Jon Ralston: “Pathetic, Cowardly” VIDEO LINK

Dean Heller is trying to run from his campaign’s false attacks but he isn’t fooling anyone. Now, a growing chorus of Nevada’s political observers are mocking Heller for refusing to own up to his false attacks despite the fact that he already “approved” these messages.

“Dean Heller is spending thousands of dollars telling Nevadans he approves his campaign’s false attacks on Shelley Berkley, but when pressed he lies and says he’s got nothing to do with it,” said Matt Canter, spokesman for the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. “The fact is Heller worked with Shelley Berkley to save Nevada’s only kidney transplant center and now he’s desperately trying to distance himself from his campaign’s false attacks.”’

Here is a sampling:

Talking Points Memo- GOP Sen. Heller: I’m Not Running Attack Ads — My Campaign Is- LINK

“Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) deflected questions Tuesday about his campaign’s ads against his Democratic challenger, Rep. Shelley Berkley — appearing to imply that he himself was not running the ads, only his campaign.”

The Hill- Heller refuses to echo his campaign’s criticism of Berkley- LINK

“Sen. Dean Heller’s (R-Nev.) campaign has been running hard-hitting ads against his opponent, Rep. Shelley Berkley (D-Nev.) — but he refused to echo their criticisms on Tuesday, instead referring all questions about the issue to his campaign.”

Political Wire- Heller Says Campaign is Running Negative Ads, Not Him- LINK

“Sen. Dean Heller (R-NV) insisted to The Hill that he was not running negative ads about his challenger.”

Daily Beast- NV Sen. Blames Campaign for Attack Ads- LINK

“Sen. Dean Heller of Nevada claims no responsibility for the negative ads his campaign has been running against his Democratic opponent, Shelley Berkley.”

Maddow Blog:  Implausible deniability LINK

“The only thing sillier than a CEO denying responsibility for his own company’s actions is a U.S. senator denying responsibility for his own campaign messages… I see. So, Dean Heller isn’t attacking his opponent; Dean Heller’s aides are using his name to attack his opponent. It’s totally different — he’s just the innocent bystander, minding his own business while the folks wearing “Heller for Senate” shirts do their own thing.”

Jon Ralston: Still stunned by pathetic response of @SenDeanHeller to @cam_joseph. He approved the message, but won’t comment  ?#meow  LINK

Nevada News Bureau: Elizabeth Crum: I’ve heard of candidates distancing themselves from fellow politicians (see: Sharron Angle), but never from their own campaigns. #nvsen LINK