Do You Need to Register to Vote?

Registering to vote in Nevada just got easier. Now you can do it from any touch screen device, like an iPad or smart phone.

You can stop hunting for voter registration forms, pens, or stamps — or looking for that mailing address for the County Board of Elections.

Instead, just swing by this handy new site that will help you register. You’ll be able to enter your email address and send yourself a link to an online voter registration form that you can sign using your touch screen. And a couple of weeks later, you’ll get your voter registration card in the mail. It’s that easy, and that fast.

Try it out now — then ask five of your friends who live in Nevada to do the same.

November is going to come fast. If you aren’t registered — or if you have moved and need to update your registration — do it now so you’re ready to go on Election Day.

And don’t let your friends who live in Nevada forget to register or think that they can just wait until tomorrow — make sure they register with you.

We made it easy for you to send the form along to people you know after you register. And you can share the site on Facebook and Twitter, too. It only takes a couple of seconds, but registering voters is one of the most important things we can do right now.

So don’t wait — get registered today: