Wow! My Response from a Seriously Partisan Member of “The Electors”

The other day, I came across a link to a website that asked citizens to email members of the Electoral College with their concerns, so I did so.  Here’s the content of my brief email stating my concerns:

Dear Electors: 

My name is Xxxxx Xxxxx from Winnemucca, NV. (Name withheld — I don’t need any death threats from the wrong-wing)

Given that:
— Hillary Clinton won the popular vote nationwide
— The CIA has found that there was collusion between Russia and WikiLeaks to influence the election to assure an election for Donald Trump
— Trump has not released his taxes so citizens can see to whom he is indebted which may influence actions he might take based on that indebtedness
— Trump appears intent on not putting his business empire in a bona fide blind trust to assure citizens across this nation that he will act in our country’s best interests, and not just his own
— Trump is staffing up his cabinet with Goldman/Sachs financiers and Generals as though he might be planning some type of coup to usurp our nation’s commons for himself and his buddies of the 1%

I, therefore, urge you to cast your vote on 12/19/2016 for Hillary Clinton, who won the national popular vote by a significant margin. If you are unable to see your way to do that, then I urge you to consider voting for the one leader who may clearly have bi-partisan support throughout our nation — Joseph Robinette “Joe” Biden Jr., our nation’s current Vice President.

Thank you for your time and consideration, I appreciate and respect the role you serve in our electoral process.

While I got a number of “bounce notices” … apparently a number of electors promptly deleted their email accounts … I did get a seriously partisan reply from a Texas elector by the name of Alex Kim.  Here’s his return response:

DISCLOSURE: By responding to this email you are waiving your right to any privacy or remedy. By responding to this email, for the consideration of me reading your email, you are giving consent for me to publish, disseminate, or otherwise distribute any information contained for any purposes I deem appropriate. If you do not consent to this condition, then do not reply.

Thank you for writing.

I am receiving about 4,000 emails a day so I have set this to an auto-response.

You should know that I have no interest in Hillary Clinton becoming our next President. I reject the Democratic Party principles and I reject Hillary Clinton.

I will not do anything that will open a path for HRC to become our next President.

There is no such thing as a national popular vote. The only vote that matters to me as a Texas Elector is the Texas vote.

We are not a democracy, we are a republic, for good cause.

We all have differing opinions and I respect your part in the political process, but frankly, since I am a Texas elector, the political opinions of non-Texas voters means nothing to me. I do not vote or get involved in your state, I am not sure why you are trying to interfere in mine. As an American citizen, your voice should be able to be heard by all, so I have this email address available, but I owe no duty to any non-Texan.

I encourage you to be active in the political process where your vote matters.

Finally, I will not vote for a 3rd candidate. A 3rd candidate only opens the door for HRC to enter the White House through the House of Representatives. I will do nothing to enable HRC to become President of the United States, no matter how remote the chances are.

Best Regards,


Elector, Texas Congressional District 24

(Note: bolded emphasis is mine)

Now that, my friends, is some serious partisanship.  Clearly Mr. Kim is more willing to flush our nation down the toilet or hand it over to Vladimir Putin than to consider anything from anyone who doesn’t conform to the Republican mold of the way things need to be!  If we want to take people like this out of our political process, then WE need to get off our butts and make that happen.

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Seven Terrible State Bills

— by ThinkProgress War Room | Mar 27, 2013

Recently, we discussed some of the terrible bills floating around out there in state legislatures. Here’s another look at some of the worst proposals, including a couple that were signed into law this week:

  • NORTH DAKOTA: The state’s Republican governor signed a trifecta of terrible anti-abortion bills, which are likely to have the effect of banning abortion in the state. One bill unconstitutionally bans abortion after just six weeks, which is before many women even know they’re pregnant. An even more insidious bill takes up the anti-abortion movement’s favorite new tactic: drastic overregulation of abortion clinics to all but guarantee that they will have to close. These so-called TRAP (Targeted Regulation of Abortion Providers) laws are also moving in North CarolinaMississippiTexasAlabama, and Virginia.
  • KANSAS: A new bill will allow the state to quarantine HIV positive individuals, something Kansas actually banned back in 1988.
  • INDIANA: An anti-abortion bill was going to mandate forced ultrasounds before a woman is provided with the abortion pill. Lawmakers explain that they are dropping the controversial provision in order to focus on their real goal: regulating abortion clinics out of existence.
  • VIRGINIA: Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-VA) signed a bill that will mandate that Virginians present photo identification when they vote, which will disproportionately impact young people, minorities, and the elderly.
  • KENTUCKY: The legislature passed a so-called “religious freedom” bill that allows individuals to ignore laws based on the vague notion of “sincerely held religious beliefs,” opening the door to discrimination against LGBT people, among other problems. Gov. Steve Beshear (D) vetoed the bill, but unfortunately his veto was overridden yesterday.
  • PENNSYLVANIA: Top Republicans in the state have yet to abandon a GOP plan to rig steal the White House by rigging the distribution of the state’s Electoral College votes. Republicans in Virginia, Florida, Wisconsin, and other states dropped the idea, but Pennsylvania Republicans are keeping it on the table.
  • ARKANSAS: In addition to its race to the bottom on abortion, Arkansas is considering some highly regressive tax changes. As part of an effort meant to stimulate growth, an Arkansas legislative committee passed two tax cuts that will largely benefit the rich and then rejected one that would benefit the working poor. A recent study found that state-level tax cuts don’t promote job growth.

Another week, another set of terrible proposals moving out in state legislatures.

Evening Brief: Important Stories That You Might’ve Missed

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GOP Scheming to Rig Future Elections

Every-Vote-CountsWe haven’t even inaugurated President Obama for his second term and the GOP is already concocting schemes to rig the next Presidential election.

Imagine that when President Obama won Ohio in 2012, instead of getting all the state’s electoral votes, he only got six of them, while Mitt Romney, who lost, got 12 … that each candidate was awarded electoral votes based on how many congressional districts they won in the state. Now, imagine this didn’t happen just in Ohio, but also in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan and other “blue states” that right now happen to have state governments completely controlled by Republicans.

This isn’t just some thought experiment. Just like their push in 2010 (ahead of the Census and the subsequent redistricting), it’s the latest Republican scheme to rig America’s elections in their favor, and it could work … unless we can create a public backlash against it.

We need to begin speaking out now to tell Republicans that basing the election for President on legislative districts in which GOP candidates are overwhelmingly favored and creating a proportional system based on the results by congressional district would be fundamentally unfair.  We simply cannot sit back and do nothing especially since these tactics would create a a system specifically designed to help one political party achieve a total take-over of ‘our’ country. It’s fundamentally unacceptable.

We need to take actions via petitions, protests, emails, tweets and other social media posts to let the GOP know that we will not tolerate their electioneering efforts to take over America.  Already, such a bill has been introduced in Pennsylvania and most likely will also be introduced in Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan where Republican leaders have already begun discussing such actions.

People for the American Way has a petition up that you can sign on to.  They plan to use the petition to lobby lawmakers in the states and make sure the media is giving attention to how unpopular this vote rigging scheme is.


If the scheme is enacted, the will of the people would mean nothing in those states. And, nationally, the playing field would be dramatically shifted towards Republican presidential candidates. That’s because one of the results of the Tea Party wave election of 2010 was that right-wing Republicans controlled the redistricting process in these states, and congressional districts there were gerrymandered within an inch of their lives, ensuring more “safe” Republican districts. It’s the same reason that Republicans maintained a healthy majority in the House of Representatives in 2012 despite losing the congressional popular vote nationally to Democrats by 1.4 million votes — more than a whole percentage point.

In states like Ohio, where Republicans have a super majority in the legislature, they have the power to move this affront to democracy through unilaterally, bulldozing any opposition!

Proposals for proportional apportionment of electoral votes based on percentage of the vote are also severely problematic, even a secondary idea being floated by Republicans in these states. That proposal would apportion electoral votes based on percentage of vote, instead of by congressional district.  This could theoretically be a fair system, but only if EVERY state did it. With only blue, Democratic-leaning states splitting their electoral votes and definitively red, Republican states remaining winner-take-all, the national field would still shift dramatically to the Republicans favor — and AWAY from the will of the people. To put it bluntly: election rigged Candidates who clearly amassed a significantly lower  percentage of the popular vote nationwide would be elected in the Electoral College as our next President.

THAT is not what the framers of our U.S. Constitution intended.  Clearly, it’s time we looked at taking redistricting away from partisans as well as whether we need to continue the practice of using an “Electoral College” to select our next President.  Technology has come a long way and usually within hours after the polls close (with the exception of maybe Florida) within days) it’s clear which candidate has won the popular vote.  Maybe it’s time to finally push for a National Popular Vote Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and eliminate the Electoral College middlemen.

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Tidbits from My eMail

— from the Morning Fix: Obama starts with edge on Fix Electoral College Map President Obama carries a significant, but far from determinative, edge over former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney in the race for 270 electoral votes this fall, according to the first detailed analysis of the map conducted by the Fix.

Obama starts the general election with 15 states (plus the District of Columbia) and 196 electoral votes solidly for him while Romney begins with 21 states and 170 electoral votes solidly in his corner. (One of the states solidly for Romney is Indiana, where Obama won in 2008 but no one expects a repeat performance in 2012.)

Another three states — Pennsylvania (20 electoral votes), Michigan (16) and New Mexico (5) — lean toward Obama while Arizona (11) and Missouri (10) lean toward Romney.

Add up the states solidly for Obama and those leaning his way and you get 217 electoral votes. Add up the states solidly for Romney and those leaning his way and you get 191 electoral votes.

While Obama is closer to the prize than Romney, victory will likely come for either man from the nine swing states — Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Wisconsin and Virginia — that are considered genuine toss-ups in our first electoral college predictions.

Those nine states comprise 110 electoral votes; whichever candidate wins a majority of them will almost certainly win the presidency.

As with the overall map, Obama starts with an edge — if 2008 is any guide — in the Fix swing states. He carried every single one of them in 2008 and, even more striking, his average margin of victory across those nine states was 7.6 percent.

In order to increase his own margin for error in those nine swing states, Romney would need to put a major electoral vote treasure — Pennsylvania is the most obvious — more in play than it appears now. Win Pennsylvania’s 20 electoral votes, and all of a sudden Romney’s relatively narrow path opens up somewhat.

Still, in our baseline analysis of the 2012 electoral map, you’d rather be Obama than Romney.

Of course, the election isn’t for another 173 days. And things can — and will — change. That’s why every week, we’ll be updating our electoral map as states get more (and less competitive) thanks to ad buys, polls and candidate attention. So, if your favorite state isn’t where you think it should be, maybe it will be next week.

Stay tuned. And make sure to check out the amazing interactive graphic that allows you to slice and dice the electoral map and the U.S. electorate in every way you can possibly imagine — and in some you would have never imagined.

Romney repeats 100,000 jobs created claim:
Romney is back to saying that Bain Capital created 100,000 jobs.

During a radio interview Wednesday, Romney defended himself from attacks by Obama’s campaign and supporters by saying that Bain Capital created 100,000 jobs.

“And of course they don’t mention a couple of other things,” Romney said, according to ABC News. “One is we were able to create over 100,000 jobs, and secondly, on the president’s watch, about 100,000 jobs were lost in the auto industry and auto dealers and auto manufacturers. So you know, he’s hardly one to point a finger.”

Romney’s campaign has switched between claiming that Bain created 100,000 jobs and “thousands” of jobs, leaving reporters to wonder which is the official line from the campaign.

Ron Paul intrigue in Nevada:
Ron Paul supporters, who have taken over the Clark County (a.k.a. Las Vegas) Republican Party in Nevada, have voted to censure Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus for supporting Romney.

Meanwhile, Jon Ralston reports that the RNC will set up a shadow party in Nevada to work around the Paul-dominated state party.

The two moves reflect the growing pains in the Republican Party as it attempts to deal with rolling Paul supporters in its regular mix.

The moves being made by those Paul supporters at the local and state level should not be underestimated. And especially if Nevada is any indication, they could cause plenty of headaches for the GOP establishment.