Heller Wants to Kill Jobs Across Nevada, Extend Economic Hardship

January 8, 2012
Contact: Eric Koch, Berkley Campaign
(702) 675-6711

Alabama’s Job Killing Law Could Cost Alabama $11 Billion: Why Would Heller Want To Bring It To Nevada?

LAS VEGAS – A few weeks ago, unelected Senator Dean Heller shocked Nevada’s Latino community when he announced his support for Alabama’s extreme immigration law.  You know…the one so over the top that a German Mercedes-Benz executive was taken into custody.

The draconian law has been widely panned by the business community for chilling investment in the state and contributing to the loss of jobs.

But now there’s a new study by the University of Alabama that has put a number on the impact of the law: $11 billion.

Yes, that’s billion with a “B”.

And Dean Heller says he wants to bring that law here to the state of Nevada – a law so extreme that in November of last year the Tuscaloosa News editorial board said, “… the law is becoming the greatest threat to the state’s economy and job creation…”

Is this Dean Heller’s vision for Nevada?

“At a time when our number one priority must be creating jobs, Heller is pushing an extreme immigration policy that would devastate Nevada’s struggling economy,” said Berkley spokesman Eric Koch.  “We must fix our broken immigration system, but not by throwing Nevada’s middle-class families and small businesses under the bus.  Nevadans have a clear choice in this election between Dean Heller’s job-killing, reactionary anti-immigration agenda and Shelley Berkley’s commitment to job creation and responsible comprehensive immigration reform.”