Here’s a Look at the Week Ahead in Congress!

— Rachna Choudhry, Co-founder,,

The House returns this week to vote on a bill repealing “Obamacare,” the 2010 Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, while the Senate continues work on a water resources bill and comprehensive immigration reform. Weigh in on POPVOX — and we’ll deliver your message to Congress. (Learn how it works or link to this update online.)

In the House

Repealing the healthcare law (HR 45): The House will yet again vote on a bill to “repeal Obamacare.”  Many Republicans have been asking for this vote all year as a chance to get new Members on the record as opposing the controversial law. –

  • From our Hill Sources: House leaders promised in April that a vote would come, after a failed attempt to pass legislation to adjust the law. House passage will once again give the GOP a chance to remind voters that they are fighting to repeal the law. But just as in the last Congress, House passage will likely be as far as the bill goes, with no indication that the Senate will consider it.

The SEC Regulatory Accountability Act (HR 1062): This bill would require the SEC to conduct an enhanced cost-benefit analysis for all regulations it issues, and ensure that the benefits of a rule outweigh the costs. –

The House will also consider several other bills this week, including:

  • HR 180: encouraging the development of plans for law enforcement to send out information when an officer is hurt or killed.
  • The Hill Creek Cultural Preservation and Energy Development Act (HR 356): To clarify authority granted under the Act entitled “An Act to define the exterior boundary of the Uintah and Ouray Indian Reservation in the State of Utah”.
  • The Homes for Heroes Act (HR 384): requiring the Department of Housing and Urban Development to pay closer attention to veterans’ housing needs.
  • HR 573: granting the Northern Mariana Islands the same coastal land rights as other US territories.
  • HR 701: setting a fall deadline by which the Securities and Exchange Commission can exempt securities from regulation.
  • HR 767: assigning regional Bureau of Land Management offices as Pilot Project offices under the Energy Policy Act.
  • HR 1580: affirming US policy on Internet governance.
  • SConRes 10: authorizing the celebration of King Kamehameha’s birthday in the Capitol Visitors Center.

In the Senate

The Water Resources Development Act (S 601): The bill authorizes several projects related to flood and storm risk reduction, and coastal and environmental restoration. –

The bipartisan comprehensive immigration reform bill (S 744): The Senate Judiciary Committee will continue its consideration of the Border Security, Economic Opportunity, and Immigration Modernization Act. –