Do the WSJ & the NY Times agree?

by Kate Marshall, NV State Treasurer & candidate for NV Secretary of State

vote23_thumb.jpgThis last weekend the Wall Street Journal and the New York Times both ran articles on the misguided efforts by conservatives to limit voter access.

The Face of Our ID problem, Wall Street Journal

Ohio Mistrusts Democracy, New York Times

Does this mean that Wall Street Journal & the New York Times both agree that voter ID does not work?  We cannot let Nevada become another failed experiment by the Koch Brothers who are looking out for their own political agenda instead of everyday Nevadans.


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From the Secretary of State’s office:

Candidate filing for non-judicial offices on the 2014 ballot begins at 8 a.m tomorrow, March 3 and closes at 5 p.m. on Friday, March 14. Candidates can still schedule appointments with the Elections Division at 775-684-5705 during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

Secretary of State Ross Miller released the appointment schedule of individuals who plan to file Declarations of Candidacy for non-judicial offices in the 2014 election.

To date, 15 individuals have scheduled appointments with Secretary of State Elections Division filing officers.

Date and Time Name Office Location
3/3 -8:30 AM Kim Wallin Treasurer Carson City
3/3 – 9 AM Don Gustavson Senate District 14 Carson City
3/3 – 9:30 AM Mark Hutchison Lt. Governor Carson City
3/3 – 10:30 AM Brian Dempsey U.S. Congress, District 2 Carson City
3/3 – 11:30 AM Adam Laxalt Attorney General Las Vegas
3/3 – 12 PM David Cook Assembly District 40 Carson City
3/3 – 1 PM Jim Wheeler Assembly District 39 Carson City
3/3 – 1 PM John Ellison Assembly District 33 Carson City
3/3 – 1:30 PM Barbara Cegavske Secretary of State Las Vegas
3/3 -2:30 PM Barry Herr Controller Las Vegas
3/3 – 4:30 PM John Rutledge Governor Carson City
3/4 – 9 AM Cort Arlint Controller Las Vegas
3/5 at 2 PM Vance Alm U.S. Congress, District 2 Carson City
3/6 – 10 AM Ross Miller Attorney General Carson City
3/7 – 4:30 PM Jared Townsend Assembly District 40 Carson City


In other news……

Assemblywoman Ellen Spiegel – TBN’s Sponsor of the Week 
This week’s newsletter is brought to you by Assemblywoman Ellen Spiegel who will be honored as the Emerge Nevada”Woman of the Year” this coming Saturday, March 8th in Las Vegas. Spiegel is a graduate of the 2007 (first) class of Emerge Nevada and is the first graduate to have been elected to public office. Clark County District Court Judge Nancy Allf will also receive the “Alumna of the Year” award. You don’t want to miss this celebration so get your tickets while you still can.  Tickets are available online here. Thank you Assemblywoman Spiegel for your generous support of TBN and all you do for Nevada!

Caucus Highlights
Assembly Speaker pro Tempore Paul Aizley and Assemblyman Dr. Andy Eisen were among the elected who participated at their caucus location in Southern Nevada last week, bringing the number of Democratic officials elected to state offices present at caucus to  nearly 50!

Rep. Titus Receives Endorsements from Key Latino Leaders
The Latin Chamber of Commerce and several Democratic members of the state Assembly and Senate endorsed Rep. Dina Titus for a second term over Republican challenger Jose Padilla. Endorsements came from Otto Merida, President of the Latin Chamber of Commerce, State Senate Majority Leader Mo Denis, Senator Ruben Kihuen, and Assembly members Lucy Flores and Irene Bustamante Adams. Other Latino leaders include Eloiza Martinez, Luis Valera, Tony Sanchez and Nora Luna.

Kate Marshall Receives EMILY’s List Endorsement
Congratulations to State Treasurer Kate Marshall, who received the endorsement of EMILY’s List last Thursday. In announcing their endorsement, EMILY’s List President, Stephanie Schriock, stated about my candidacy, “Kate’s record as State Treasurer over the past seven years shows a commitment to empowering women and families through economic development, and EMILY’s List… is proud to help her become Nevada’s next Secretary of State.” Donate to Kate’s campaign here.

Lucy Flores Announces Candidacy for Lieutenant Governor
It was a packed house at the North Las Vegas campus of College of Southern Nevada yesterday when Assemblywoman Lucy Flores announced her candidacy for Lt. Governor. To get involved in Lucy’s campaign, visit her website at

National Women’s Lobby Day
March 8th is National Women’s Lobby Day. This is the day to check your congressional representative’s voting record on women’s issues and let him or her know how you feel about that. Click here for more information.

Apply Now for Nevada Youth Legislature             
Applications Now Being Accepted for the Nevada Youth Legislature. This is a great opportunity for teenagers to learn about our government by actually participating in it.  Applicants must be 9th to 11th grade students during the first school year in which they will serve on the Nevada Youth Legislature. The deadline to apply is April 12th. For more information, click here or download an application.

Nominations Now Being Accepted for Nevada Senior Citizen of the Year
Nominations for the Nevada Senior Citizen of the Year for 2013 will be accepted through March 31, 2014. The Nevada Delegation of the National Silver Haired Congress (NSHC) in partnership with the Aging Services Directors Organization (ASDO) established this award last year. Anyone knowing a Senior Citizen who has made significant contributions at the local, state, and/or national level may nominate that person. Click here for nomination forms and additional information.

Students can enter “Home Means Nevada” Essay Contest 
Students in grades six through 12 are invited to enter the Home Means Nevada Sesquicentennial Essay Contest, sponsored by the Nevada Department of Education, Nevada in the West Magazine, Nevada History Foundation and the Nevada 150 Commission. All entries must be submitted to the Nevada Department of Education by March 24, 2014. Click here for more information.

On the Flip Side
Less than 1/3 of Republican Party believes GOP Leadership Doing a Good Job in Congress
A new Pew Survey done last month shows that just 28% of Republicans and Republican leaners said the GOP was doing a good or excellent job in standing up for its traditional positions of smaller government, tax-cutting and conservative social values, while seven-in-ten (70%) rated their party’s job as “only fair” or “poor.” Read the entire report here.

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Make College Education a Reality

Kate Marshall, NV State Treasurer (Candidate for NV Secretary of State)

I wanted to share my recent op-ed in the Reno Gazette Journal on my College Kickstart program–a non taxpayer funded college savings account for our school age children here in Nevada.    Ensuring that everyone has access to higher education, is a personal mission of mine, and I am proud that soon we will expanding this program statewide.

Nearly 81% of the jobs of the future will require some sort of post secondary education.  Yet only 30% of Nevadans have some sort of post secondary Education.  This needs to change  and I am committed to ensuring our kids not only know that they can achieve a college degree but are given tools to achieve that dream.

Take a moment to read my personal story in the op-ed below and join my campaign team so we can continue to create opportunities for our kids to succeed.

From Reno Gazette Journal on February, 12th 2014

Kate Marshall: Make college education a reality

As a young child, I thought the most I could strive for in life was to get a job with benefits. College just wasn’t part of my picture. It wasn’t until a nun from my school showed up at my house to talk to my mother about me, and my future, that my outlook changed.

When you grow up in a family, or in a place, where college isn’t openly discussed, a child needs to be told what possibilities there are for his or her life. Children need to be told that they can reach further than just a job, or just a job with benefits.

With that in mind, my office has launched an exciting new initiative aimed at instilling the dream of a college education in the minds of Nevada schoolchildren. The Nevada College Kick Start Program ( has established 529 college savings accounts for all 2013-14 public school kindergarten students attending school in Nevada with an initial deposit of $50.

Studies have shown when a child has a savings account with his or her name on it — no matter how much is in the fund — that child is seven times more likely to go to college. College savings send a strong message to children: “You are a college saver. You are college-bound.” That is true, regardless of your family income, where you grew up, your ethnicity or whether your parents went to college.

The accounts were established with fees paid to the state by private investment firms, not taxpayer dollars.

The funds can be used for any institute of higher education, whether it’s culinary, technical; Truckee Meadows Community College; University of Nevada, Reno; University of Nevada, Las Vegas; Harvard or any accredited institution of higher learning. It cannot be used for any other purpose than to pay higher education expenses.

We have also partnered with our Nevada College Savings Plans program manager, Upromise, to drastically reduce the minimum amount needed to open a SSgA Upromise college savings account. Parents can set up a 529 college savings account with as little as $15 — reduced from $250. And for those families making less than $75,000, the state will match up to $300 a year for five years, within the availability of funding.

Parents or other caregivers can open this parallel account and deposit whatever they can afford into that account so they’ll be better prepared when the time comes for their child to attend an institution of higher learning.

An educated workforce is critical as we work to diversify our economy and create jobs with better pay and benefits. It is essential that more Nevada families begin discussing and planning for college now so that more of our youths will attend and graduate from an institution of higher learning.

We need to let all children know that they can go to college. Let’s put everyone on the same starting line and make a college education a reality for thousands of Nevada’s children.

Kate Marshall is Nevada state treasurer.

College Kickstart

by Kate Marshall, NV State Treasurer

KateMarshallIf you have not already heard the news, yesterday, I announced the statewide launch of Nevada’s College Kick Start program!

The Nevada College Kick Start program establishes $50 in a college savings account for every kindergarten child in Nevada’s public schools.  This year approximately 35,000 accounts will be opened with the goal of creating a college bound culture here in Nevada.

Studies have shown that children who have a college savings account in their name are 7 times more likely to attend an institution of higher learning. It is important to note that even a small account improves a child’s determination and preparedness for college and higher education, regardless of family income, ethnicity, or the educational attainment of the child’s parents.

The accounts (funded without tax payer dollars) will accrue interest for 13 years and can only be used for qualified higher education expenses at any institution in the United States.  The Nevada College Kickstart program will also encourage families to begin saving for college earlier rather than later.

According to The Future Ready Project,

“81% percent of U.S. jobs are middle- or high-skilled – and require at least some postsecondary education, be it a two-year or four-year degree, technical certification,  apprenticeship or another training program.”

Yet, only 30% of Nevadans have a postsecondary education according to the Georgetown University Center on Education and Workforce.

With the costs of a college education escalating it is important to reachout to Nevada’s hard working families and offer a path for their children’s future. Nevada families that open a college savings account are also eligible to receive matching funds up to $300 a year.

The Nevada College Kickstart is just one step in a series in our progress towards making Nevada a premier state to learn, live, and play.

Thank you for letting me take time to share with you this important program. And — if you would like to learn more here is the Washington Post write up on my program or visit

Kate Marshall’s New Years Resolutions

imageWhile you’re contemplating your relative opportunity for success in achieving your New Year’s resolutions, Kate Marshall’s campaign team  thought you might like to see the resolutions she committed herself to achieving:

  1. Greater voter access for all Nevadans including those with disabilities, serving in the military, or overseas;
  2. Increase transparency in campaign finance so that voters can “follow the money;” and
  3. Work with city, county, state agencies to facilitate ease of registration and licensing for businesses.

Kate will be on the ballot as a democratic candidate for Secretary of State for the State of Nevada.  To learn more about her campaign and what she intends to bring to the office of Secretary of state, take some time to peruse Kate’s campaign website.  And, if you’re so inclined, she has an ActBlue account through which you can donate to Kate’s campaign.

Of all of our state offices, the Secretary of State campaign is most likely the critical campaign of 2014 and folks on the right know that.  The Secretary of State position is the gateway extremists on the right are using to suppress our right to vote through reductions in early voting opportunities and stricter voter registration restrictions that prevent people who are legally eligible to vote from being able to exercise that right to cast a ballot in any given race.

Ensure your registration is up-to-date and take the time to learn more about each candidate who will be on the ballot for election.