2016 NV Democratic Military and Overseas Tele-Caucus

The Military and Overseas Tele-Caucus is available to Nevadans who are registered to vote and covered under the Uniformed and Overseas Citizens Voting Act (UOCAVA) and any active-duty member of the military who is outside the borders of Nevada on the day and time of the Nevada Democratic Caucus, which will take place on Saturday, February 20 at 11 a.m. PT. This would include:

  • Member of the military stationed outside Nevada
  • Military family members living abroad
  • Member of the Peace Corps
  • Member of the Diplomatic Corps
  • Students or other Nevadans living abroad


On our state party website (NVDems.com), we have a link to pre-register for the TeleCaucus. All fields on the form are mandatory. We will ask for the following information:

  • Full Name
  • Date of Birth
  • Nevada Voting Address (Street, City, Zip)
  • Email
  • Phone Number
  • Which of the following most accurately describes your reason for participating in the Tele-Caucus? (drop-down menu)
    • Member of the military stationed outside Nevada
    • Military family members living abroad
    • Member of the Peace Corps
    • Member of the Diplomatic Corps
    • Students or other Nevadans living abroad

NV Dems will check each registrant’s information using the Nevada Secretary of State Voter File. NV Dems will confirm on a rolling basis that all participants are registered Democrats and eligible to participate. If they are not eligible, they will be notified by NV Dems and asked to complete a voter registration form online at nvsos.gov.

Pre-Registration Timeline

  • Monday, February 1st – Sunday, February 14 (Midnight PT)

Email Confirmation

A reminder email will be distributed one week before the caucus with Tele-Caucus dial-in information (phone number and a unique pin) on a rolling basis to everyone who pre-registered the last week. NV Dems will also send out reminder emails the day before the caucus.

Pre-Caucus Logistics

Each presidential campaign will be asked to submit a two-minute recording from their candidate, due by Friday, February 12. A member of the NV Dems staff or a designated volunteer will chair the Tele-Caucus. Two additional staffers or designated volunteers will assist the Tele-Caucus Chair during the call. Tele-Caucus Rules

  • Participants must pre-register with NV Dems by Sunday, February 14, 2016 and must meet the qualifications outlined in this memo.
  • Participants must be registered Democrats.
  • Participants have until February 14, 2016 to register to vote.
  • Participants will receive a confirmation email after registering.
  • NV Dems will confirm all participants are registered Democrats, and will alert anyone who needs to update voter registration by February 14, 2016.
  • NV Dems will notify anyone who does not qualify.
  • Participants will remain anonymous.
    Participants will receive a reminder email one week out, which will include a dial-in number and a unique pin. Reminder emails will also be sent the day before and morning of the Tele-Caucus.
  • Participants must be dialed in to the Tele-Caucus by 12:00 p.m. PT.
  • Participants will be asked to stay on the line for the duration of the call.
  • Participants will be able to press “0” at any time to communicate with an operator and ask questions.
  • There are two delegates allocated to the state convention from the Tele-Caucus.
  • If more than two viable preference groups still exist after the first realignment process, the smallest preference group(s) must realign.
  • The Tele-Caucus Chair will announce the number of eligible attendees and calculate viability using the 25% threshold. The viability threshold will be announced to the group.
  • Presidential candidate recordings will play in alphabetical order by last name before the first alignment period.
    There will be one alignment period and three realignment periods, each lasting two minutes. Participants will be instructed to press “1” for Hillary Clinton, “2” for Martin O’Malley, “3” for Bernie Sanders, “4” for Uncommitted and “5” for Other.
  • Once a participant has joined a preference group, he/she will not be able to change a preference group until the next realignment process.
  • At the 60-second and 30-second marks, participants will be given an update on preference group sizes and how many more members each group needs to become viable. They will also be given a time warning. The clock will be paused during these updates to ensure participants have a full two minutes to make their selections.
  • A 10-second time warning will be given.
  • After each alignment and realignment period, the Tele-Caucus Chair will announce the preference group sizes, which groups are viable, which groups are not viable, and how many more people each group would need to become viable.
  • Anyone is able to realign during the first realignment process; however, only non-viable groups may realign during the second or third realignment.
  • During the first realignment process, all participants must re-enter their preference group, even if they were members of an already viable preference group.
  • After the first realignment period, any viable preference group members will be locked into their preference group and will no longer have to key in a response to join a preference group.
    During second and third realignments (if a third realignment is needed), participants will have an option to no longer participate in the caucus.
  • If a third realignment process is needed, then it is the final process, and people must be in a viable preference group after that realignment, or will not be included in counts when awarding delegates. This will be made clear to participants.
  • If any participants remain in non-viable preference groups after the third realignment process, they will not be included in counts when awarding delegates.
  • After the final realignment process, delegates will be awarded to the preference groups using the following formula: (number of members in the group X number of delegates to elect) ÷ total eligible attendees.
  • The number of delegates each preference group receives will be announced.
  • Note: the viability threshold and the total eligible attendees will not change throughout the duration of the Tele-Caucus.

Notes for All You Berners

What’s been happening

And here is some info from a caucus veteran:

Nevada Caucus Precinct Level Part 1
— by Margery Hansen  

My name is Margery Hanson and I would like to share my experience, from the 2008 Nevada Caucus with you, from the Precinct, these are the things you need to know, if you’ve never done this before.

The definition and explanation of a Caucus for the state of Nevada, makes the entire experience, seem a little too polite and almost boring. Let me assure you it is neither polite, nor boring.

For the purposes of sharing this information with you, I’m going to call this part 1 for the Precinct Caucus, part 2 for the County Convention and part 3 for the State Convention.  (video:  https://youtu.be/htGAdc72raI)

Since you’ve decided you want to caucus for Bernie, this is what you’re going to have to prepare for.

The Precinct Caucus is on Saturday, February 20th, 2016, the doors will open at 9:00 a.m. It’s not unusual for people to start lining up for the Caucus, as early as 6:00 a.m. You might want to go early and bring a folding chair to sit in, until the doors open, as well as something to eat, something to drink and a calculator, because you’re going to be there for a while.

If you don’t know your Precinct number, now is a good time to find out. Go to NVSOS.GOV and follow the instructions there.

The Precinct Caucus is hosted by your local County Democratic Central Committee. There will be people from the Committee to help direct you to your Precinct.

Only Democratic Party members may participate in the Democratic Caucus at any level. Saturday, February 20th, 2016 is the last day to register as a Democrat to participate in the Caucus process. Usually there are tables set up to register people from other political parties, should they want to participate in the Democratic Caucus.

Once you are inside your Precinct room, the doors will be closed. Tables will be designated for people to sit at, in order to support for their candidate, for President. I’m supporting Bernie Sanders so I’m going to sit at Bernie’s table.

Supporters at each Candidate’s table, will have to nominate someone to count the supporters at the table, in order to make sure their candidate is viable to go to the next level of the Caucus. Delegates shall be divided according to each group’s size.
The following word problem will apply to choosing Delegates:

The number of eligible attendees at a preferred candidates table X the number of Delegates to be chosen from that Precinct Caucus, divided by the total number of eligible Caucus attendees, will equal the number of delegate from that group.

Please make sure whomever you choose to work this formula is also good with math.

Fractions are UP at .5 and DOWN at less than .5 for Delegate apportionment.

Once the number of Delegates has been determined, people will be elected, selected or volunteer to be a Delegate for your County Caucus.

Once you have become a Delegate for the County level, you will be given a form in triplicate, that you must fill out. Once you have filled out this form, you will be given one of the slips from this form, to prove that you’re a Delegate for the County Caucus. DO NOT LOSE THIS FORM

Remember to check the State Democratic Party website often, for the date of the County Caucus at NVDEMS.COM

Here is where it gets interesting. My fellow Bernie supporters, you must find people in your Precinct, to get as many voter registration forms, from your County Clerk’s office as possible. Then make sure they are available at the Precinct Caucus, so that everyone who wants to Caucus for Bernie Sanders, will be able to register as a Democrat, and support him. Since so many people, in other political parties want to vote for Bernie Sanders, it would not surprise me one bit, to see the Precincts run out of voter registration forms, to keep Bernie Sanders from becoming our Nominee.

The reason I tell you to go to NVDEMS.COM to check on when the County Caucus will be and where it will be held, is because during my time as a Delegate, I was told that since I’d already signed my triplicate form, that my preference for a Candidate had already been recorded, there was no need for me to show up for the County Caucus, by my very own Democratic Central Committee.

YOU MUST SHOW UP FOR THE COUNTY CAUCUS, in order to show your support for Bernie Sanders as a Delegate.
Thank you for your time. Part 2 will be coming your way a week after the Precinct Caucus. Remember to get as many people together, to get as many voter registration forms as possible, to have them handy for the Precinct Caucus. Please share this video with other Bernie Sanders supporters, so they’ll know what to expect too. Share the Bern!

— Bill Nuttle, Volunteering to elect Bernie Sanders

“In the coming month, we need you to reach out to your friends and your neighbors and your family members. Drag them into the caucus. Let’s win this caucus and let’s go forward in making 2016 a year that people for hundreds of years from now will remember as the year we transformed America.”  — Bernie Sanders