Advocacy: Please Urge Your NV Assemblyperson to Support Marriage Equality

We need you to act right now and send a message to your Nevada Assemblyperson urging them to support legislation that would begin the multi-year process to repeal the state’s ban on same-sex marriage and allow all couples in Nevada the right to marry the person they love.

Support for same-sex marriage has grown since the unfortunate “policy” ban was passed in 2002 and thus enshrined in our state’s Constitution. More than a decade has passed since that infelicitous event.  It’s now time to fix that and for our state lawmakers to honor love, commitment, and all families in Nevada.

In Nevada,”marriage equality” is not just a “social” issue, it’s also an economic issue.  As the “Marriage Capital of the World”  — our economy benefits from extensive tourism dollars of couples traveling to our state to share their vows and celebrate their union.  Economically, we should never enshrine social policy in NV’s Constitution that conflicts with economic policy and demotes our status to “Nevada—the Marriage Capital for straight, heterosexual couples only.”  “Policy” should be handled in the purview of the Legislature such that it can be addressed effectively as mores within our society change over time.

In the next couple of days, the Assembly Committee on Legislative Operations and Elections is set to consider legislation that would begin the multi-year process to repeal the state’s constitutional ban on same-sex marriage and allow all couples in not just in Nevada, but from across our nation and from all over the world, to marry in our State. Last month, the state senate took the first step in making marriage equality a reality by passing this important piece of legislation.

For full marriage equality in Nevada, the legislature will need to pass the same bill in 2015, placing it on the 2016 election ballot where Nevada voters will have the opportunity to honor the thousands of loving, committed couples in the state. Your voice is important and could help make the difference.

As I said, the state Senate has already approved this legislation. Your voice could help make the difference in moving it through the Assembly. Please send a message to your State Assemblyperson TODAY urging him/her to pass the bill.