The February Jobs Report is Out

The February jobs report was posted today and it’s official, the U.S. Economy grew by another 227,000 jobs (after adjustments for public sector job losses).  Apparently, it’s getting every more difficult to the Republican governors to negate the effects of job growth.  Budget cuts during February were only force the public sector to shed a mere 6,000 jobs.

Job Losses/Gains for just the Private Sector

Job Losses/Gains for both the Private and Public Sectors

Please note that RED columns reflect job numbers activity under the Bush Administration and BLUE columns reflect job numbers activity under the Obama Administration.

The number of jobs in the February report is absolutely great, But today’s report contains some even greater news. Revisions were made to both the December and January reports.  December totals were revised up from 203,000 to 223,000 jobs gained.  And, January job gains were revised upward from 243,000 to 284,000 now that all figures are in and accounted for.