Laxalt Flies Across the Country for Trump Joint Session, Still Won’t Grace Nevada Legislators with His Presence

Attorney General Adam Laxalt (that same guy who potentially wants to be NV’s next governor) was busy today rubbing shoulders at the White House and just couldn’t miss an opportunity to see President Trump in person for his address to a joint session of Congress. Laxalt is attending tonight’s speech as the guest of Trump’s former Nevada campaign chairman, Congressman Mark Amodei. While Laxalt was flying all the way across the country for Trump’s big day, he still can’t be bothered to attend a hearing at the Nevada legislature down the road to answer questions from state lawmakers.

“While Adam Laxalt is off gallivanting in Washington, he still hasn’t shown up for a single committee presentation in Carson City. It’s becoming abundantly clear that Attorney General Laxalt cares more about shaking hands with Donald Trump and talking to die-hard Tea Party activists at CPAC than doing his actual job,” said Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange. “After suing the Obama administration for everything under the sun, it’s no wonder the most partisan Attorney General in Nevada’s history is turning a blind eye to the federal overreach and recklessness coming out of Donald Trump’s White House.”

#ItsNotUpToThem Week

— Roberta Lange, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair

A few weeks ago, the United States Supreme Court issued a backwards ruling that allows for-profit corporate CEOs to make medical decisions that should be made between a woman and her doctor.  That’s right – in the year 2014, the Supreme Court thinks female employees’ healthcare decisions should be made in a corporate boardroom, not a doctor’s office.

This week, the United States Senate will vote on legislation to address the Supreme Court’s ruling and ensure women who work at for-profit corporations have access to reproductive healthcare.  While Democrats like Senator Reid, Reps. Dina Titus and Steven Horsford, and Erin Bilbray support ensuring women have access to reproductive healthcare, Republicans like Dean Heller and Joe Heck have consistently voted to restrict women’s access to contraception.

In support of the Senate bill, Nevada Democrats are launching #ItsNotUpToThem week.  All week we will be highlighting how dangerous the Republican agenda is for the health of Nevada women.  Because whether it’s Mark Hutchison leading the charge to go back to a time where private insurance companies could treat being a woman as a pre-existing condition, or Joe Heck voting to weaken the Violence Against Women Act, it’s time we send a message to Nevada Republicans that women’s healthcare decisions aren’t up to them or corporate bosses.

Sign your name here to tell Republicans it’s 2014, not 1914.    

Please note that Roberta mentioned Candidate Erin Bilbray who is running agains Rep. Joe Heck, but failed to mention Candidate Kristen Spees who is running against Rep. Mark Amodei to represent those of us who are unfortunate enough to live in NV-Congressional District 2!

Report to NSDP Central Cmtee Members

Welcome to May and just 2 days until early voting and 166 days until the General Election.

Since our Central Meeting in Carson City we have been very busy planning for the NSDP State Convention in Las Vegas June 9-10. We are expecting a lot of excitement at the convention and are excited to have Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa as our keynote speaker.

In April I traveled to Charlotte, NC the site of the DNC Convention in September. We toured the convention center and areas around Charlotte. The city is preparing for a great convention. While there I also visited our assigned hotel, which is the Hilton Garden Inn just across the street from the convention center. At our DNC Executive Committee meeting the board voted to approve the Credentials Committee and Rules Committee appointments of our Chair, Debbie Wasserman Schultz. Nevada won again as Assemblywoman Lucy Flores was appointed co-vice chair of Credentials and Assemblywoman Olivia Diaz was appointed to the Rules Committee.

I will visit Charlotte again in July for the State Chairs meeting. I will be insuring arrangements for the Nevada Delegation are in order for our visit in September.

During the past few months I have been given the honor to speak at OFA Office openings in Southern Nevada. It is great to see the excitement! I have also attended many candidate events and walked in the Helldorado parade for Shelley Berkley.

I have started having monthly conference calls with our elected Leadership Team, Vice Chair James Brown, 1st Vice Chair Theresa Navarro, Secretary Marla Turner, Treasurer Jan Churchill, Parliamentarian JoEtta Brown and Executive Director Zach Zaragoza. The Rules and Bylaws Committee worked tirelessly to write Election and Convention Rules.

The Executive Committee had a conference call to approve the Election Rules.
Thank you for all that you do to move our party forward! As always I am available to answer any questions you might have. My cell is 702.767.5332 or you can reach me via e-mail at

Roberta Lange

Ruben Kihuen Withdraws from NV-CD1 Race

State Senator Ruben Kihuen released the following statement announcing his withdrawal from the race for Congressional District 1:

“I want to thank all the volunteers, voters, donors and other supporters who have supported me throughout this process, and this decision that I am announcing today.  Unfortunately, the reality is that continuing my efforts to win in what would promise to be a resource draining primary at this time is not in the best interest for me, my family, my community and my party.

“Nevada has lived through the worst economic times in a generation. This year, our state will play a pivotal role in determining whether the United States stays on the path toward recovery by reelecting President Obama, or takes a sharp turn in a radical and dangerous direction.

“I will do everything I can to reelect President Obama and strengthen his hand by sending Democrats to the House and Senate, including Shelley Berkley, Steven Horsford, John Oceguera and Dina Titus. I will do all I can to encourage Latinos to make our voices heard through the electoral process—especially in November.

“For me, serving Nevada has always come first. I will continue to do that in the State Senate. We face a republican party that doesn’t understand the challenges people who live here confront every day. Nevadans need good-paying jobs – now. They need help staying in their homes – today. They need an economic plan that builds the diversified economy of Nevada’s future, starting yesterday.  These challenges can’t wait. I’m going back to work on them tomorrow.”


WASHINGTON – Today, Nevada Senator Harry Reid issued the following statement after State Senator Ruben Kihuen announced he will end his bid for the United States House of Representative.

“Senator Kihuen remains a rising star in Nevada and the Democratic Party.  Each day, he breaks new barriers and inspires tens of thousands of young people with his hard work on behalf of this state and his commitment to helping all Nevadans achieve a better life for themselves and their families.  I am fortunate to call him my friend and expect great things from him in the very near future.

“With TEA Party Republicans in control of the House of Representatives, Nevada’s middle-class families need Dina Titus in their corner fighting to protect Medicare and Social Security, create good paying jobs that can’t be shipped overseas and holding Wall Street bankers and Big Oil executives accountable.  I am proud to endorse her bid for Congress and look forward to working with her to put Nevadans back to work.”

NV Dems Chair Roberta Lange Statement on CD 1

 Las Vegas, NV – In response to recent developments in the race for Nevada’s first congressional district, Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange released the following statement:

“Senator Ruben Kihuen is an outstanding public servant with a very bright future in Nevada politics.  He will continue to be a strong fighter in the Nevada State Senate to create jobs and improve Nevada’s education system.  I congratulate Senator Kihuen on the race he ran and look forward to working with him in the future.

“Nevada Democrats are united behind Dina Titus and we look forward to sending her back to Congress to fight for Nevada families.  Dina has been a longtime advocate for Nevada’s middle-class families — committed to fighting the Wall Street Republican agenda of killing Medicare by turning it over to private insurance companies and protecting taxpayer giveaways to corporations that ship American jobs overseas.  Nevada Democrats could not have a stronger ticket this election cycle in which we will re-elect President Obama, send Shelley Berkley to the Senate, and take back a majority of our congressional delegation.”