Romney Ties to Voting Machines Threaten 2012 Election

Could a voting machine company with deep financial ties to the Romney family help Republicans steal the presidential election in Ohio?

It could happen. If this year’s presidential election comes down to the electoral votes in Ohio, the deciding votes could be cast on electronic voting machines manufactured by a company – Hart Intercivic – with deep financial ties to the Romney family.

Hart Intercivic is majority owned by H.I.G. Capital which controls two of the five seats on the Hart Intercivic board. An investment fund with deep ties to the Romney family and the Mitt Romney for president campaign, H.I.G. Capital was founded by Tony Tamer, a major bundler for the Romney campaign, and it is one of the largest partners of Solamere Capital, an investment fund founded by Tagg Romney and Spencer Zwick, Mitt Romney’s chief fundraiser from the 2008 presidential campaign. This makes the Romney family part owner of the voting machine company, through it’s interest in H.I.G. Capital.

A 2007 study conducted by Ohio’s Secretary of State showed that Hart Intercivic’s touch screen voting machines could be easily corrupted.

I just signed a petition telling the Department of Justice to not let Republicans steal the election in Ohio with Romney-owned voting machines. Click on the link below to find out more and sign the petition.

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Do You Pay More Tax Than Mitt Romney?

With Tax Day Approaching, Nevadans Shocked to Learn
They Pay Higher Taxes Than Mitt Romney

Las Vegas, NV – As Nevadans prepare to file their federal tax returns, it isn’t exactly comforting to them that many multi-millionaires are actually paying a lower tax rate than the average Nevada family.  Who are these multi-millionaires?  Well, corporate layoff specialist Mitt Romney for one.

In 2010, Romney paid less than what most middle-income Americans were required to pay. He made $21.7 million and paid nearly $3 million in taxes. That’s a tax rate of 13.9 percent.

How much does the average American family pay? 20%!

And this is what it looks like in Nevada:

  • The average, single teacher in the state of Nevada gets paid a salary of $51,777 and has a tax rate of 20.1 percent. That is 6.2 percent more than Mitt Romney pays.
  • The average, single housekeeper in the state of Nevada gets paid a salary of $27,090 and has a tax rate of 17.4 percent. That is 3.5 percent more than Mitt Romney pays.
  • The average, single registered nurse in the state of Nevada gets paid a salary of $77,480 and has a tax rate of 23.3 percent. That is 9.4 percent more than Mitt Romney pays.

[Source: Reno Gazette-Journal, 2/22/11; Bureau of Labor Statistics, May 2011;]

Romney contributed just 0.1 percent of his income to Social Security and Medicare in 2010 via the payroll tax because the tax is only assessed on earned wages, but all of Romney’s income came from investments.  Most working Americans pay 7.65 percent.  Considering how little he contributes to Medicare, it’s no wonder Romney has no problem ending it by turning it over to private insurance companies.  But we digress…

Romney Campaign: “We’ll Get Back to You on That”

Mitt Romney’s Campaign on Whether Romney Supports the
Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act: ‘We’ll Get Back To You On That.’

Las Vegas, NV – On a press call this morning, Mitt Romney’s campaign was asked if Mitt Romney supports the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act. Their response to the question was, “We’ll get back to you on that.” Nevada State Democratic Party Chair Roberta Lange released the following statement on the Romney campaign’s failure to take a position on this important legislation:

 “The first piece of legislation President Obama signed into law was the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act, which goes to the heart of the equal pay issue, giving women the power to challenge discrimination where they work.  The President’s position on this issue is simple: equal pay for equal work.

“Mitt Romney’s position on equal pay for women: ‘We’ll get back to you on that.’ That’s not an answer that gives Nevada women any confidence that Mitt Romney would stand up for them and that’s not an answer that gives Nevada families any confidence that Mitt Romney is committed to restoring middle class security. If women earn less, Nevada families are worse off.

“If Mitt Romney doesn’t have a position on this basic question of economic fairness, how can the people of Nevada take him seriously on the most pressing issues facing our country: Ensuring hard work and responsibility is rewarded, everyone does their fair share and everyone plays by the same rules.

“If a bill to repeal the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act were in front of Romney, would he veto it or sign it? We already know that Mitt Romney believes we should turn back the clock on women’s health care and that he has been suspiciously silent on his hero – Governor Scott Walker – restricting Wisconsin women’s ability to enforce in court their right to equal pay. This is just further proof of Romney’s extreme positions, how they are continuing, and how he can’t walk away from them.  His attempts to etch-a-sketch his extreme positions won’t work, especially with Nevada women.”

Buckley, NV Senators Demand Romney Apologize

October 25, 2011

While campaigning in Las Vegas last week, Mitt Romney outlined what he’d do for struggling homeowners:

“Don’t try and stop the foreclosure process. Let it run its course and hit the bottom.”

What would that look like for all the folks in Nevada who have been playing by the rules, paying their mortgages on time each month — but are still struggling to afford them? Mitt would tell them they’re on their own.

Mitt’s housing plan couldn’t be further from the action President Obama took.  President Obama issued new rules for federal mortgages that would allow responsible people to re-finance their homes, even if they’re under water. And in the months to come, he’s said he’ll continue to make a series of further policy changes at the executive level designed to help middle-class families.

Here’s who Mitt’s plan would help: investors looking to turn a profit. They’d buy up foreclosed homes from the banks and sell them off. Your home becomes someone else’s make-a-buck-quick plan.

To merely call Mr. Romney’s housing plan callous is an understatement, and a number of Nevada’s lawmakers took his statements as an unwarranted affront needing an official apology.

Lawmakers write open letter demanding Romney apologize to Nevadans facing foreclosure over comment saying we shouldn’t try to “stop the foreclosure process”

Las Vegas, NV – Former Speaker of the Nevada Assembly Barbara Buckley and six Nevada Senators today wrote an open letter to Mitt Romney demanding he apologize for his offensive remarks last week that we shouldn’t try to “stop the foreclosure process”, and that homeowners facing foreclosure need to “hit the bottom.”

Romney so far has refused to apologize for telling Nevadans facing foreclosure that they should be left to fend for themselves.  While Romney was busy telling struggling Nevada homeowners that they are on their own, President Obama yesterday unveiled new proposals to help homeowners facing foreclosure to refinance their mortgages and help them stay in their homes.  Nevadans will have a clear choice in next year’s election between President Obama’s commitment to creating jobs and helping Nevadans stay in their homes, and a Republican like Mitt Romney who is putting Wall St. bankers ahead of Nevada’s middle class.

Open Letter to Romney Below:

Governor Romney,

Yesterday, President Obama unveiled new proposals in Las Vegas to provide relief to Nevada homeowners facing foreclosure.  In contrast to President Obama’s efforts to help Nevadans struggling to stay in their homes, you came to Nevada last week and told the Las Vegas-Review Journal that we should not “stop the foreclosure process”, and that we should let homeowners “hit the bottom.”

Nevada has the highest foreclosure rate in the country and it is inconceivable that you would come to our state and tell struggling homeowners that they need to fend for themselves.  Your out-of-touch remarks are outrageously offensive and send a clear message to Nevadans facing foreclosure – they are on their own.

Nevada’s homeowners need help and they need it now.  We demand that you immediately apologize to those facing foreclosure.


Former Speaker, Nevada Assembly Barbara Buckley
Nevada Senate Majority Leader Steven Horsford
Nevada Senator Shirley Breeden
Nevada Senator Mo Denis
Nevada Senator Ruben Kihuen
Nevada Senator Mark Manendo
Nevada Senator David Parks