A Clear Warning in Nevada for Dark Money Groups

RossMillerToday, the Nevada Secretary of State’s office announced a landmark settlement with the Alliance for America’s Future (AAF), a Virginia-based 501(c)(4) organization that spent over $200,000 on political ads in 2010 but failed to comply with state disclosure laws.

This agreement is the latest success in Secretary of State Ross Miller’s ongoing efforts to clean up Nevada elections and stop the flood of illegal, anonymous campaign spending.

Under the agreement, AAF will pay a $40,000 fine – the largest penalty ever imposed for a Nevada campaign finance violation. But just as importantly, AAF will be forced to register as a Committee for Political Action and report their contributions and expenditures.

Today’s agreement sends a strong message to the State Government Leadership Foundation, and the donors who fund these dark money groups: it’s time to come out of the shadows, and start complying with the law. You can say what you want, but you can’t hide in our state.

Nevadans have a right to know who is trying to influence their elections and what they stand to gain.

If dark money groups – and the people who bankroll them – can’t stand the sunlight, they should stay out of Nevada.

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From the Secretary of State’s office:

Candidate filing for non-judicial offices on the 2014 ballot begins at 8 a.m tomorrow, March 3 and closes at 5 p.m. on Friday, March 14. Candidates can still schedule appointments with the Elections Division at 775-684-5705 during regular business hours (8 a.m. to 5 p.m.).

Secretary of State Ross Miller released the appointment schedule of individuals who plan to file Declarations of Candidacy for non-judicial offices in the 2014 election.

To date, 15 individuals have scheduled appointments with Secretary of State Elections Division filing officers.

Date and Time Name Office Location
3/3 -8:30 AM Kim Wallin Treasurer Carson City
3/3 – 9 AM Don Gustavson Senate District 14 Carson City
3/3 – 9:30 AM Mark Hutchison Lt. Governor Carson City
3/3 – 10:30 AM Brian Dempsey U.S. Congress, District 2 Carson City
3/3 – 11:30 AM Adam Laxalt Attorney General Las Vegas
3/3 – 12 PM David Cook Assembly District 40 Carson City
3/3 – 1 PM Jim Wheeler Assembly District 39 Carson City
3/3 – 1 PM John Ellison Assembly District 33 Carson City
3/3 – 1:30 PM Barbara Cegavske Secretary of State Las Vegas
3/3 -2:30 PM Barry Herr Controller Las Vegas
3/3 – 4:30 PM John Rutledge Governor Carson City
3/4 – 9 AM Cort Arlint Controller Las Vegas
3/5 at 2 PM Vance Alm U.S. Congress, District 2 Carson City
3/6 – 10 AM Ross Miller Attorney General Carson City
3/7 – 4:30 PM Jared Townsend Assembly District 40 Carson City


In other news……

Assemblywoman Ellen Spiegel – TBN’s Sponsor of the Week 
This week’s newsletter is brought to you by Assemblywoman Ellen Spiegel who will be honored as the Emerge Nevada”Woman of the Year” this coming Saturday, March 8th in Las Vegas. Spiegel is a graduate of the 2007 (first) class of Emerge Nevada and is the first graduate to have been elected to public office. Clark County District Court Judge Nancy Allf will also receive the “Alumna of the Year” award. You don’t want to miss this celebration so get your tickets while you still can.  Tickets are available online here. Thank you Assemblywoman Spiegel for your generous support of TBN and all you do for Nevada!

Caucus Highlights
Assembly Speaker pro Tempore Paul Aizley and Assemblyman Dr. Andy Eisen were among the elected who participated at their caucus location in Southern Nevada last week, bringing the number of Democratic officials elected to state offices present at caucus to  nearly 50!

Rep. Titus Receives Endorsements from Key Latino Leaders
The Latin Chamber of Commerce and several Democratic members of the state Assembly and Senate endorsed Rep. Dina Titus for a second term over Republican challenger Jose Padilla. Endorsements came from Otto Merida, President of the Latin Chamber of Commerce, State Senate Majority Leader Mo Denis, Senator Ruben Kihuen, and Assembly members Lucy Flores and Irene Bustamante Adams. Other Latino leaders include Eloiza Martinez, Luis Valera, Tony Sanchez and Nora Luna.

Kate Marshall Receives EMILY’s List Endorsement
Congratulations to State Treasurer Kate Marshall, who received the endorsement of EMILY’s List last Thursday. In announcing their endorsement, EMILY’s List President, Stephanie Schriock, stated about my candidacy, “Kate’s record as State Treasurer over the past seven years shows a commitment to empowering women and families through economic development, and EMILY’s List… is proud to help her become Nevada’s next Secretary of State.” Donate to Kate’s campaign here.

Lucy Flores Announces Candidacy for Lieutenant Governor
It was a packed house at the North Las Vegas campus of College of Southern Nevada yesterday when Assemblywoman Lucy Flores announced her candidacy for Lt. Governor. To get involved in Lucy’s campaign, visit her website at www.lucyflores.com.

National Women’s Lobby Day
March 8th is National Women’s Lobby Day. This is the day to check your congressional representative’s voting record on women’s issues and let him or her know how you feel about that. Click here for more information.

Apply Now for Nevada Youth Legislature             
Applications Now Being Accepted for the Nevada Youth Legislature. This is a great opportunity for teenagers to learn about our government by actually participating in it.  Applicants must be 9th to 11th grade students during the first school year in which they will serve on the Nevada Youth Legislature. The deadline to apply is April 12th. For more information, click here or download an application.

Nominations Now Being Accepted for Nevada Senior Citizen of the Year
Nominations for the Nevada Senior Citizen of the Year for 2013 will be accepted through March 31, 2014. The Nevada Delegation of the National Silver Haired Congress (NSHC) in partnership with the Aging Services Directors Organization (ASDO) established this award last year. Anyone knowing a Senior Citizen who has made significant contributions at the local, state, and/or national level may nominate that person. Click here for nomination forms and additional information.

Students can enter “Home Means Nevada” Essay Contest 
Students in grades six through 12 are invited to enter the Home Means Nevada Sesquicentennial Essay Contest, sponsored by the Nevada Department of Education, Nevada in the West Magazine, Nevada History Foundation and the Nevada 150 Commission. All entries must be submitted to the Nevada Department of Education by March 24, 2014. Click here for more information.

On the Flip Side
Less than 1/3 of Republican Party believes GOP Leadership Doing a Good Job in Congress
A new Pew Survey done last month shows that just 28% of Republicans and Republican leaners said the GOP was doing a good or excellent job in standing up for its traditional positions of smaller government, tax-cutting and conservative social values, while seven-in-ten (70%) rated their party’s job as “only fair” or “poor.” Read the entire report here.

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Secretary of State’s Office Accepting Nominations for Participatory Democracy Awards

(Carson City, NV; March 12, 2013) — Secretary of State Ross Miller today announced that the Advisory Committee on Participatory Democracy (ACPD) is now accepting nominations for two awards promoting participatory democracy in Nevada – the Jean Ford Democracy Award and the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) Medallion Award.

“It is with great pleasure that I ask Nevadans for their assistance in identifying and honoring deserving citizens who have a made a positive impact on the democratic process in the Silver State,” said Secretary Miller. “Many citizens have dedicated service to their communities that assisted in the outstanding level of voter participation we reached in the 2012 election.”

The Jean Ford Democracy Award, named in honor of former state assemblywoman and state senator Jean Ford, honors deserving citizens who have benefited their communities, state and nation through their participation and leadership in furthering the democratic process. The nominations recognize leaders in the following categories:

  • Educator (teacher or administrator any level K-16) 
  • Community Individual 
  • Elected and/or Government Employee (local or state)

The NASS Medallion Award allows individual Secretaries of State to recognize outstanding service and dedication to furthering the mission of the organization. The Medallion Award was created to honor individuals, groups or organizations with an established record of promoting the goals of NASS and consistent with the ACPD in the following areas:

  • Elections 
  • Civic engagement 
  • Service to the state government – specifically, as it relates to the duties of the office of the secretary of state 
  • Philanthropic contribution which has significantly enhanced the quality of life in a community or the entire state

Any citizen or organization in Nevada may nominate a Nevada resident for the Jean Ford Democracy Award and the NASS Medallion Award. Applications and criteria for the awards are available by calling the Secretary of State’s office at (702) 684-5705, or by clicking the hyperlinks for the Jean Ford Democracy Award nomination packet and the NASS Medallion Award nomination packet. Deadline for submission is 12 p.m. on Friday, April 5. Members of the ACPD are responsible for reviewing nominations and selecting awardees. The recipient(s) of the 2013 Jean Ford Democracy Award will be honored during the 2013 legislative session. An event to honor NASS Medallion Award winners will also occur.

About Jean Ford
Jean Ford served in the State Assembly (1972-76) and the State Senate (1978-82). She was a fervent community activist who was instrumental in the establishment of the Nevada Women’s History Project, which gathered and disseminated information about the roles, accomplishments and activities of Nevada women from every race, class and ethnic background who contributed in determining the State’s future.

About NASS
Founded in 1904, NASS is the oldest, nonpartisan professional organization of public officials in the U.S. Members include the 50 states, the District of Columbia, American Samoa and Puerto Rico. NASS serves as a medium for the exchange of information between states and fosters cooperation in the development of public policy. The association has key initiatives in the areas of elections and voting, state business services and digital archiving, international relations and state securities regulation, as well as several well-established awards programs. For more on NASS, please visit www.nass.org.

About the Advisory Committee on Participatory Democracy
The Advisory Committee on Participatory Democracy (ACPD) was first established in 1997 by the Legislature under the office of the Department of Cultural Affairs. The ACPD consists of 10 members including the Secretary of State or his designee and nine other members appointed by the Secretary of State. The Committee’s purpose is to assist the Secretary of State in identifying and proposing programs that promote citizen participation in governance, establishing a Jean Ford Democracy Award and working with partner organizations at the local, state and national level to increase voter participation. For more information on the ACPD, visit www.nvsos.gov.


Catherine Lu, Public Information Officer 
(702) 486-6982 / 334-7953 

File Your Advanced Directives (Living Will) with NV’ No-Cost Living Will Lockbox

Contact: Catherine Lu
(702) 486-6982 / 334-7953

Advance Directives are Invaluable in Healthcare Decision Making and Estate Planning
Secretary Of State Ross Miller Encourages Nevadans to
Complete Advance Directives, and File Them in
Nevada’s Free Living Will Lockbox in Recognition of
National Estate Planning Week

Nevada Secretary of State Ross Miller is encouraging Nevadans to ensure that they have up-to-date advance health care directives such as living wills, and that those documents are filed with Nevada’s no-cost Living Will Lockbox (www.livingwilllockbox.com) in recognition of National Estate Planning Week, October 15-21. The Living Will Lockbox is the best way to securely store advance health care directives while still having those important documents readily available to health care providers at a time of crisis.

“We all deserve to have our end-of-life wishes respected in terms of the type, level, and extent of care we want at critical times,” said Miller. “It’s through advance care planning like living wills that we can focus on patient care that’s based on the patient’s expressed wishes.”

More than 40 hospitals, medical groups such as Healthcare Partners of Nevada and Southwest Medical Associates, and nearly 50 law firms throughout Nevada work with the Living Will Lockbox.

“Healthcare and legal professionals are aware of the program and understand its value,” said Miller. “We want the general public to see the value of this service, and I encourage them to ask their trusted family doctor or attorney about the value of advance healthcare directives. And once they have those documents, or if they already have them, we want them to take advantage of the no-cost Living Will Lockbox.”

The Living Will Lockbox was launched in March 2008, and since then, nearly 6,000 Nevadans have registered their advanced directives in the lockbox. Use of the Living Will Lockbox is free to all Nevadans and registering, either as an individual or as a preferred provider of health care, is very simple. By visiting www.livingwilllockbox.com, Nevadans can download the registration forms and send the completed forms and documents to be filed with the Living Will Lockbox to the Nevada Secretary of State. Those without internet access can request to receive the registration forms by mail at 702-486-2887. Hospitals, hospices and other care giving institutions can also register online in order to immediately access the directives of their patients.

Once registered, individuals will receive a wallet-size card with their password for accessing their advance directives. Changes to the documents may be made at any time through a simple procedure similar to the registration process.

For more information or questions regarding the Living Will Lockbox, visit www.livingwilllockbox.com or call (702) 486-2887.

Nearly 59,000 Registered Voters Moved to Inactive Status in December

January 9, 2012
Contact: Catherine Lu, Public Information Officer
(702) 486-6982 / 334-7953

(Carson City, NV; January 9, 2012) — Secretary of State Ross Miller today released December 2011 voter registration numbers showing 58,555 registered Nevada voters were moved to inactive status, due largely to Clark County performing voter registration list maintenance pursuant to federal and state law.

The elections division reports that 27,933 active Democratic voters and 14,922 active Republican voters were moved to inactive status. At the end of December, 395,845 active Republicans and 446,679 active Democrats are registered in Nevada. In all, the total number of active voters in December is 56,832 less than in November.

Voters are moved from active to inactive status after being mailed a forwardable notice with a return postcard to provide updated address information to the county clerk, and the voter fails to return the postcard within 30 days. Pursuant to Nevada and federal law, inactive voters are still eligible to vote and can return to active status if they affirm their new voter registration information and vote by the second general election after the date of the notice.

The latest voter registration breakdown by county, party, age, and district can be found under the Election Center at www.nvsos.gov.


Note:  Have you changed name/address since the last election?  You might want to update your voter registration status to assure your eligibility to vote in this year’s elections (both primary and general).