40 REPUBLIBAN Senators Voted to Kill the Vets Jobs Bill

A motion before the Senate this morning that would waive budgetary discipline (because the bill was fully funded) failed to pass and killed S. 3457: Veterans Jobs Corps Act of 2012, sponsored by Sen. Patty Murray (D-WA).  The final tally was 58 to 40, and all 40 opponents of the proposal were Republicans.

Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) led the opposition to the Veterans Jobs Corps Act by arguing that  the bill violated a cap on spending agreed to by Congress last year.  Little did it matter to him that the bill was fully-funded or offset by new revenues.

What had been, up until Sen. Session’s objection, a bi-partisan bill, quickly became a partisan exploitation of a technicality to deny thousands of veterans a shot at getting hired as police officers, firefighters and parks workers, among other things.

40 Republicans joined together in locked-step to disrespect our Veterans and defeat the motion that would have allowed the bill to proceed.  Is your Senator one of the 40 who seriously disrespected our Veterans on the Senate floor today? Check the link. If so, I sincerely hope you’ll show him or her the same disrespect this November when you head to the polls.