NV-GOP: If you’re on Welfare, You Evidently Have a Drug Problem

James-SettlemyerNevada State Senate James Settelmeyer has decided all welfare recipients in Nevada must submit to a drug test because he was once told that welfare recipients are on drugs.

Settlemyer’s bill is similar to Florida’s failed drug testing bill and other states who have attempted to adopt the ALEC -crafted legislation.  It’s time to contact Sen. Settelmeyer and demand that he take back that bill a persue more productive legislation designed to resolve issues faced by everyday Nevadans.


Chris Matthews Explodes at Reince Priebus on Morning Joe over RNC PR BS

Watch as MSNBC’s Chris Matthews takes on RNC Chair Reince Priebus about all of the RNC PR BS on the Morning Joe show.  He stays fairly cool for some time listening to all of Mr. Priebus’ BS, but he eventually explodes and goes after him.

Personally, I was offended by a number of comments made by and the arrogance of Mr. Priebus. Here’s just one instance where Matthews took him on:

Reince Priebus: “I think Obama’s policies have created a sense that, for whatever reason, he’s looking guidance as far as health care is concerned, as far as our spending is concerned, as far as these stimulus packages are concerned, that he’s looking to Europe for guidance.”  

Chris Matthews: “What? Where do you get this from? That’s insane. You mean the fact that every president we’ve had has tried to offset the economic cycle with stimulus going the other direction is somehow European?”

And what did Mr. Priebus do … he smirked and chuckled.  Excuse me?  If President Obama were looking to Europe, he would have cut the crap out of absolutely everything to institute “AUSTERITY” just as they’ve done in Europe … and that HAS NOT worked in Europe.

In another spot in the show segment, Mr. Priebus explains how Mitt Romney’s comment that “nobody’s ever asked me for my birth certificate” was the poor execution of a joke.  A joke?  Really?  Where’s the joke in that?  It’s pure birtherism.  Somebody should ask Mr. Romney about his dad’s Mexican birth certificate and Mitt’s own anchor baby status.  Let’s see if he takes that as a joke.

“That cheap shot about ‘I don’t have a problem with my birth certificate’ was awful,” said Matthews. “It is an embarrassment to your party to play that card. This stuff about getting rid of the work requirement for welfare is dishonest, everyone’s pointed out it’s dishonest, and you are playing that little ethnic card there. You can play your games and giggle about it, but the fact is your side is playing that card. When you start talking about work requirements, we know what game you’re playing, and everybody knows what game you’re playing, it’s a race card.”

A new Romney ad purports: “On July 12th, President Obama quietly announced a plan to gut welfare reform by dropping work requirements. Under Obama’s plan, you wouldn’t have to work and wouldn’t have to train for a job. They just send you your welfare check.”  They continue to run that ad and others even though fact-checking sites have clearly sited it as FALSE.  Fact-checking website PolitiFact says Romney’s claims are“pants on fire” bogus. The Washington Post‘s fact checker awarded four Pinocchios, its highest rating.  And Annenberg Public Policy Center’s FactCheck.org  the claims as false.

Mr. Priebus gloated that “the President’s policies simply haven’t worked.”  Now—that is pure bull puckey!  The President’s policies “SIMPLY” haven’t had an inkling of a chance as they’ve been pretty much blocked from being considered or voted upon, in their entirety, in both the House and the Senate by Republicans whose sole purpose in life is to “ensure President Obama is nothing more than a ‘one-term’ President.”

I consider the actions of the GOP members of Congress as being treasonous in their very nature and intent.  They were elected to serve the people … and instead, they’ve done nothing than “serve themselves” at the expense of the American people.